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Landform changes and Soil

The theory that the continents used to be connected together at one time - Theory of Pangaea
Plant roots breaking through rock would be an example of deposition or weathering? weathering
When plates separate-what can happen? Rift valleys can form when plates are pushed apart-volcanoes can form
_______ _________ describes the Earth's crust as broken into pieces or plates. Plate tectonics
The Grand Canyon was most affected by rivers-water erosion.
Weathering ________ down the rocks and erosion _______ the rocks. breaks-carries
When plates collide they can form mountains
The dropping off of sediment is called....This process can build layers of sediment. deposition
______________weathering is shown when water gets in a rock, freezes and expands and breaks the rock open. Freeze thaw
When plates rub together, what can happen? earthquakes
What event can form new islands and rocks? Volcanoes mostly
Weathering ____________down rocks. breaks
________________is the building up of rock and sediment. Deposition
Rain can wear away soil on a hill. What are some solutions? vegetation....terraces....plowing with the slope of the land
Wind is wearing away the land. What are some windbreak examples? Evergreen trees planted close together or dense and tall bushes planted closely together
What layer in the soil horizon has the most nutrients? topsoil-the top
Removing trees from a forest can increase soil erosion-true or false True
Letting cattle overgraze on a piece of land can cause erosion. True or False? True
Planting vegetation on a hill can increase erosion. True or False? False, planting vegetation can help erosion!
Sand wearing down rocks over time is an example of weathering. True or False? True
I notice mounds of mud at the bottom of a hill. Is this an example of deposition or weathering? deposition
Difference between deposition and weathering? Weathering breaks down rock while deposition builds up sediment etc.
Explain process of abrasion. Friction with sand or water or wind can wear down rock.
The Dust Bowl was mainly caused by wind erosion and a horrible drought
New Madrid and San Andreas are faultlines where earthquakes naturally occur
A drought can be a factor in topsoil eroding. True or False? True
Who was Alfred Wegener? Scientist that proposed continental drift and Pangaea.
What are some examples of human activities that increase weathering and erosion? Overcutting down vegetation/trees, letting animals overgrazing an area of land, polluting the land.
Can cattle over grazing cause weathering of land and rock? yes
Would mining be a factor of the land weathering or eroding? yes
What instrument is used to detect vibrations in the earth? seismograph
What is a drought? Time period with no rain
Sand carried by wind carving out rocks over time would be an example of abrasion (a type of weathering)
Created by: mrsyoung