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pharmacology ch.1+2


DRUG STANDARDS are rules set to assure comsumers that they get what they pay for.
ORPHAN DRUG drugs created to treat diseases that affect only a small numbe of people which are of low profit.
FDA federal food and drug administration, concerned with general safety standards in the production of drugs, foods, cosmetics.responsible for approval or removal of products on the market.
DEA drug enforcement administration. concerned with controlled substances only. enforces law against drug activities, including illegal drug use, dealing and manfacturing.
pharmacology can be defined as the study of drugs and their origin,nature, properties and effects on living organisms.
prototype is a model example, a drug that typifies the charcteristics of that classifiation.
analgesics relieve pain without loss of consciousness example- ibuprofen, aspirin, tylenol
Antacid neutralizes stomach acid example- mylanta, milk of magnesia
ANTICOAGULANT prevents or delays blood clotting example- heperin, coumadin
ANTIANXIETY reduces anxiety example- valium, xanax
ANTITUSSIVE prevents or relieves cough example- codiene
DIURETIC increases urinary outout example- lasix
HYPOGLYCEMIC reduces blood glucose levels example- insuline
GENERIC NAME common or general name assigned to the drug
TRADE NAME the name pharmaceutical company identifies its products.
CHEMICAL NAME exact molecular formula of the drug
OFFICIAL NAME name of the drug as it appears in the official reference. generally sam as generic name
OTC over the counter. no purchasing restrictions by the FDA
LEGEND DRUG prescription drug. determined unsafe for over the counter purchase.
CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE drug controlled by prescription requirement because of the danger of addiction and abuse
INDICATIONS a list of medical conditions or diseases for which the drug is meant to be used
ACTIONS a description of the cellular changes that occur as a result of the drug.
CONTRADICTIONS a list of conditions for which the drug should "NOT" be given.
Cautions a list of conditions or types of patients that warrant closer observations for specific side effects when the drug th drug
side effects and adverse reactions a list of possible unpleasant or dangerous secondary effects, other than the desired effect.
INTERACTIONS a list of other drugs or foods that may alter the effect of the drug and usually should not be given during the same course of therapy
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