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Mythology Test 2.0

The Hero Journey

Achilles Greek warrior--hid in girls' school to escape war--kills Hector--is killed by Paris by arrow in the heel
Acrisios Perseus' grandfather--Perseus kills him in Larissa by discus in the foot--chthonian roots, where you meet the chthonian ground
Agememnon Greek warrior and king who was killed by his wife (Clytemnestra) when he returned from Troy--spoke w/Odysseus in the underworld
Aias (Ajax) Competed against Odysseus for Achilles' armor--loses, goes mad, and commits suicide by throwing himself on a sword after slaughtering a bunch of cattle
Aigeus Theseus' father--leaves him sandals and sword--kills himself after T forgets to change sails to white
Aiolos the keeper of winds who gives Odysseus a sealed bag of wind to sail back safely to Ithaca--Ody. f****d it up because his men opened it
aither what the gods breathe
Alkmene Heracles (Hercules)' mother. She screwed Zeus for three whole nights. Amphitryon comes back and she won't sleep with him. She has twins--Heracles and Iphicles
Amazons warrior women--had only one breast--killed their men except to procreate, only raised women
ambrosia what the gods eat
Amphitryon The father of Iphicles, Heracles brother
Andromeda Beautiful daughter of Cepheus and Cassiepeia in North Africe--was going to be sacrificed to Poseidon--Perseus saves (boon)
anemos wind
anima female helper--Athena (P), Ariadne (T), Martha and Kitt'n Britches girl (D), Penelope (O),
animus male helper--Hermes (P), Lewis & Drew &Bobby & Griner & Sheriff & Lonnie (D),
Antaeus (Antaios) a wrestler Herakles beats on the road--Herakles had to lift him off the ground (breaking his chthoninan connection) and crush him
Aphrodite Goddess of love--offered Helen to Paris--
Arete Wife of Akinoos, and Queen of Phaecia. Ody. appeals to her for help
Argoes Land Perseus gave to Megapenthes in exchange
Ariadne Theseus' woman--gives him the thread to get out of the labrynth--umbilical cord of rebirth? he leaves her & Dionysus takes her
Athena Patron goddess of heroes, Helps Perseus with Medusa, helps H. with Nemean Lion, Stymphalian birds, and the underworld. Helps Ody. do everything
Atlas titan who holds up the earth--tricked by H. into getting the apples and holding the earth again
Augeas man who owns the stables H. has to clean
axis mundi Something that connects the two worlds--similar to limen, but physical object--Large fiery tree, lightning struck tree, tree he shot out of,
Bobby Trippe Bobby from Deliverance. Gets raped, doggy style, like Ed had done his wife earlier in the day. Degradation. The experience changes him and ruins his life, essentially.
Carl Jung Dream analysis and individuation--psychological process of integrating the opposites including the conscious with the unconscious while still maintaining their relative autonomy, necessary for a person to become whole
Cassandra Beautiful daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Locrian Ajax steals her at the end of the war and rapes her
Cerberus The 3 headed monster-dog that guards the underworld
Cheiron Wise-man of the centaurs--(H)injured in riot and substituted for Prometheus--
Chrysaor Small, golden man emerged on Pegasus from stump of Medusa when head removed
Clytemnestra Conniving wife of Agememnon--killed him when he returned by slaughtering him like a sacrificial animal--formed a matriarchy--killed by son Orestes
Crete Island where King Minos brought the Cretan Bull--site of Labyrinth @ Knossos
Cypria 11 books of the epic cycle--judgement of Paris, rape of Helen, and war to the 9th year
Daedalus (Daidalos) Builds labyrinth to imprison Minotaur--has to fly out of prison with son, Icarus, and I. dies in process -- also built cow for Pasiphae
Danae Acrisius's Daughter--gave birth to Perseus -- slept with Zeus and Proteus
Danaos Danaos had 50 daughters--moved to Argos--49 killed their husbands-The one who didn't let to Perseus (like 5 generations down)
Deianeira Herakle's 2nd real wife--gets by wrestling boar--pissed because H. gets Iole, creates poison from Nessus's blood, semen, and olive oil--hangs self
Delos birth island of Apollo and Artemis--site of cults for both
Drew Ballinger Drew from Deliverance. Dies by either being shot/drowned. Left in the other world--doesn't get to go home.
Ed Gentry Hero of Deliverance. Goes into the other world, his mind merges with his enemy, and he emerges improved with the River inside him.
Entheogen vehicles into the other world--Deliverance: cars then canoes--
Epic Cycle A series of 78 books chronicling the Trojan war from beginning to end
Eumaios Odysseus' swineherd and friend
Eurystheus "The man" that Hercules (Heracles) has to run labors for and return to (remember? he hides in an underground box?)--born same day as Heracles
George Holley the guy who used to work with Ed in Deliverance--after, he hired him back and he became his best friend besides Lewis
Geryon 3 bodies joined @ waist--Herakles shot arrow at sun, sun impressed, gives him Golden cup--in it, he sails there, kills Orthus and Geryon, and brings back red cattle
Gorgons The snake-headed sisters who turn one to stone --the monsters of the Perseus hero journey (Medusa is one) --immortal except Medusa
Hector Trojan warrior--kills Patroclus and pisses off Achilles--fights Ach. in his old armor--merging of the minds (essentially fighting himself)
Hecuba (Hekabe) The wife of Priam--mothered Cassandra
Heinrich Schliemann wealthy man who swore Troy existed and never gave up until he found it (discovered the archaeological site)
Helen beautiful wife of Menelaos, whom Paris stole and started the Trojan war with help of Aphrodite
Heracles Hero--lion skin (man emerging from beast) club, bow, huge muscles, hero journey for ambiguous identity--son of Zeus? has 10 labors
herm protective penis statues common in Athens
Hesperides Nymphs guard the magic garden and apples--First, he wrestles Hereus, Antaeus, and kills Busiris--then he frees Prometheus by giving Chiron (who had been injured in the riot--Herakles gets Atlas to take the apples for him and taking world
Hippolyte Queen of Amazons--Heracles kills after Hera incites riot--steals belt for daughter of Eurystheus
Hippolytus Theseus' son with Hippolyte--Phaedra (T's 2nd wife) tries to seduce and tells T he raped her--T curses Hippolytus, and he is dragged to his death
Hydra Water creature with many regenerating heads--phallic--hydra venom=boon, Iolaus helps and it doesn't count
iole Daughter of Eurytus--Herakles' second conquest--Eurytus denies him though he won shooting contest--steals her after killing Eurytus and sacking city--given to Hyllus
Iphigenia Agamemnon's fairest daughter to be sacrificed before they could sail for Troy to Artemis-- Art. steals and appoints her as priestess
Joseph Campbell Came up with the idea of the monomyth through the hero journey. The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1948).
Kalypso "I shall hide" - nymph whom Ody. was on the Ogygia with for 7 years--promised him immortality, he wanted life and Penelope (husband, not consort)
Kerkopes Small midget bandits that Herakles strung on a pole above his shoulders for punishment, they made fun of his black, hairy ass, and he laughed and let them go
Kharybdis Monster woman who creates whirlpools--close to Scylla and hard to avoid both
Kirke the goddess who turned Ody's men into pigs, then he and them remained with her on the island for a year
Laocoon Priest who warned Trojans the horse was a bad idea--his sons are killed by Apollo sending serpents
Laomedon King of Troy--denies payment to the gods and denies Herakles his daughter Hesione--Herakles promises to sack city
Lemnos Dionysus took Ariadne here: Philoctedes left here with his festering wound
Lewis Medlock the adventurer, outdoorsy, survival of the Deliverance group. Friends with Ed, gets injured and must give Ed the reins to save them all. Stays friends.
limen a threshold between two worlds
Martha Gentry Ed's wife in Deliverance, an anima. Don't know what else to say about her.
Medea the witch wife of Aigeus (Theseus' father) who sends him to fight the Bull of Marathon and tries to poison him
Medusa A Gorgon sister--not immortal--Perseus removes her head
Megara Heracles' wife--has three sons--then he is driven jealous by Hera and kills his three children--after labors, Megara marries Iolus who helped Herakles w/hydra
Menelaos King of Sparta-husband of Helen. Begins Trojan war once Helen is stolen from him
Minos King of Crete who made 7 men and 7 girls be sacrificed to the Minotaur yearly --father of Ariadne (Theseus's woman)
Nausikaa Alkinoos' and Arete's daughter--Phaecian princess--clothes and instructs Ody. when he lands on Phaecia
Neoptolemos Achilles' son who comes, slays Trojans, and kills Priam @ altar of Zeus
Nessus Centaur paid to carry Deianira across river--assaults her--gives her poison when H. kills him
Nestor old ruler of the Argonauts--featured in the Odyssey
Nostoi 5 books in the epic cycle--return of Agamemnon, revenge of Orestes, homecoming of Menelaos and Helen
nostos homecoming--essential for a real hero journey
Odysseus Greek hero--in Troy 10 years, bouncing around islands for 10 years, comes home and seeks revenge on suitors, establishes life and achieves nostos
Omphale 'belly button queen'--whom Herakles is sold into slavery to for killing Eurytus' son, Iphitus--made to wear women clothing (consort)
Orestes Son of Agememnon and Clytemnestra--seeks revenge and kills his mom and Aegisthus (her consort)
Ou Tis 'nobody'. No identity. What Ody. claims his name is in the cave with w/ Cyclopes. No one in the chthonian cave
Palamedes Sent by Menelaos to prove Odysseus wasn't insane--did the whole put Telemachus infront of plow thing--Ody. then framed him and killed him during the course of the war
Paris Trojan prince who stole Helen from Menelaos and started the entire Trojan war--shot Achilles in the ankle and killed him
Pasiphae Minos (king) did not sacrifice the bull, so Pasiphae becomes sexually attracted--bears minotaur
Patroclus Herakles' friend that died fighting against Hector in H's armor
Pegasus Winged horse emerged with Chrysaor out of Medusa's body
Peirithoos Theseus' friend whom they both swear to get daughters of Zeus--gets stuck in the underworld trying to get Persephone--Herakles frees T.
Penelope Ody.'s wife who is faithful to him and helps him become himself (through the bow)--could have reverted to matriarchy, but did not
Penthesilea Amazon warrior--fought Achilles--he killed her and fell in love--must kill the monster, but the monster is tempting--love/hate relationship
Philoctetes Bit by snake--has Herakles' bow and arrows--left on an island--has to be brought back to end the war
Phineus Evil brother of Cepheus (engaged to Andromeda)--tries to stop Perseus' and A.'s wedding--Perseus turns him to stone with gorgon head
Pholos Centaur Herakles stays with to hunt the Erymanthian Boar--Herakles opens the special wine--centaurs go nuts--Pholos accidentally kills himself through an arrow in foot
Pittheus Theseus' grandfather who got his father drunk so he would have grandchildren
Poias Lit the funeral pyre for Hercules when no one else would
Polyxena daughter of King Priam sacrificed when the Greeks won the Trojan war.
polytropos many terms (versatile)
Priam King of Troy--killed by Neoptolemus @ altar of Zeus
Procrustes would fit travelers to an iron bed and either stretch them or cut of the excess (Damastes) --takes away from their identity
Proteus Old man of the sea whom Menalaos wrestled to find out what happened to everyone and how to get home in Ody.
Scyros Island in middle of Agian sea--Theseus died there, Neoptolemus came from there
Seirenes seductresses who try to lure and kill sailors--Ody. had his men tie him to the mast to keep him from doing something stupid--filled their ears with bees wax
Silenus drunken satyr friend of Dionysus who has special future telling powers when drunk? I don't remember this dude.
simile comparing something to another using like or as--used when Ody. spears Polythemus in the eye (compared to a shipmaker drill and tempering iron) and Ody. and Penelope wanting each other like swimmers to an island
Sinis Pityocampus (pine bender) Theseus killed him on the road to Athens--would have people hold two pine trees and be ripped apart--dis-individuation
Sinon the Greek captured by the Trojans who tells them of the Trojan horse
Skylla Sea monster in the Odyssey -- top half woman, bottom half snake, wolf, octopus? crazy mess
Telemakhos son of Odysseus--goes on his own mini hero journey to find out whether Ody. is alive--helps Odysseus take back his kingdom
Theseus hero, son of Aithra+Aigeus/Poseidon. Sword and sandals left under rock. Goes to find father in Athens.
Thetis mother of Hercules
totem animal helper--hawk in Deliverance, owl on tent (D-tears back the veil, revealing reality),
xenia reciprocal guest friendship--the idea of being kind of beggars and hosting them (or non beggars)
Consort One of many lovers of a woman--the greek male DOES NOT want this--no power
10 Labors of Zeus Nemean Lion, Lernaean Hydra, Cerynitian Hind, Erymanthian Boar, Augean Stables, Stymphalian Birds, Cretan Bull, Mares of Diomedes, Belt of Hippolyte, Cattle of Geryon, Apples of the Hesperides, Cerberus
ponoi chores (labors)
erga deeds (accomplishments)
Alcides Heracles' name before given Heracles by oracles @ Delphi--hera+kaleo=commanded by Hera--hera+kleos=glory of Hera
katabasis 'going under'--leaving your world and going to the other world
Herakles' Hero Journey No nostos, his boon (hydra poison) kills him, immortality as a kind of fake prize? his exceptional status could be a cover for his failure.
Perseus' Hero Journey nostos accomplished, heroo:n established--success
Minotaur Monster of Theseus--birthed by Pasiphae--bull and consort--sacrificial mammal for great goddess and captive sexual male potency
Ed's Hero Journey (Deliverance) nostos accomplished, boon = his integration with nature and the river, specifically, identity established, left a friend in the other world
Odysseus' hero journey Nostos accomplished,
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