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research test 3

ch. 14 evaluating measurements

evaluation of quantitative data -establishing the reliability and validity of quantitative data obtained by instruments, tests, or measurements (synonyms)-- devices to measure the quantity of an attribute
evaluation of quantitative data ex: height-- rather tall vs 6'2; weight -- kind of chubby vs BMI of 30 **assignment of numbers to measure the differences between Ss possessing varying degrees of an attribute
Levels of measurement -assignment of numbers to quantitative data collected via various measurements that enables analysis 1. nominal 2. ordinal 3. interval 4. ratio
Nominal measurement -use of numbers to classify variables -attribute only named -no quantitative meaning -minimal mathematical treatment possible
nominal measurement ex: gender, race: w=1, b=2, h=3, a=4, marital status, religion, blood type, sleep position, type of analgesic, type of education of RN, answers to true/false or yes/no questions
nominal measurement -lowest level -involves using numbers simply to categorize attributes -gender and blood type are typical examples of this -numbers dont have quantitative meaning (if guys and girls were coded as 1 and 2, the numbers would not have quant. implication
Created by: lissy11