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Fund Ch29

NCEX questions

Name selected by pharmaceutical company Trade name
The process by which a drug is transferred from the site of entry to the bloodstream Absorption
An abnormal, unexpected response to a drug Idiosyncratic effect
A order reads "K Dur, 20mEq PO b.i.d." When does the nurse correctly give this drug Twice a day by the oral route
In addition to checking Mr. Brown's I.D. bracelet, before administering medication Ask the patient his name
Before giving medication via Nasogastric Tube (NGT), you should first Check for proper placement of NGT
The medication reads: "Hydrmorphon 2mg, IV, every 3 hours PRN pain." The cartridge label reads "Hydromorphone 2mg/1ml, it contains 1.2 ml. Whats the right action Dispose of 0.2ml correctly before administering the drug
Order reads: 40 units NPH insulin/ 10 units Reg QD SQ. Whats the correct sequence for mixing insulins Inject air in NPH, don't let neddle touch solution, inject air in Reg, withdraw 10units of regular, then withdraw 40 units NPH
Ms. Hall has an order for Hydromorphone, her chart says she is aand llergic to Dilaudid. What procedures would be correct Call prescriber(Dr. Long) ask to change the medication
The manager prepared Mr. Giles medication, she asked you to administer the medication. The best response Since you did not pour the medication, tou cannot administer it
Why is the intrevenous method "the most dangerous route of administration"? The drug is placed directly into the bloodstream with immediate action
Correct techniques for heparin subcutaneously (SQ) Do not aspirate before or massage after the injection
A patient refuses her meds, saying she doesn't need it. What would be the best response? Tell her you will return the meds to the cart, but would like to discuss her reasoning to refuse
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