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2 8th Latin List 8

Foriegn PhraseEnglish Equivalent
Duplex double; twofold
Conclave a private or secret meeting; the private rooms in which the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church meet to elect a pope; the meeting held to elect a pope
Squalid dirty or wretched in appearance; morally repulsive
Imposter one who is not what one claims to be
Prothesis artificial replacement of a limb, tooth or other part of the body; an artificial device used in replacement
Miser one who deprives himself of all but the barest essentials in order to hoard money; one who is greedy
Ophthalmia inflammation of the eye,especially of the cojunctiva
Lapis Lazuli an opaque, azure-blue semiprecious gemstone composed mainly of lazurite and calcite
Glaucoma a disease of the eye marked by high pressure, a damaged optic disk, hardening of the eyeball, and partial or total vision loss
Epos epic poetry handed down by word of mouth; and epic poem
Pathos a quality arousing feelings of deep sympathy, pity, tenderness, or sorrow; a feeling of sympathy or pity; the transient, emotional, or subjective elements in an artwork
Ex Parte from or on one side only; one-sided; partisan
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