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DIT micro by systems

food poisoning as a result of mayonnaise sitting out too long Staph aureus
diarrhea caused by gram neg nonmotile organism that does not ferment lactose shigella
rice water stools vibrio cholera
diarrhea caused by a C or S shaped organism campylobacter
diarrhea transmitted from pet feces yersinia
food poisoning resulting from reheated rice (chinese food) B. cereus
diarrhea caused by gram neg motile organism that doesn't ferment lactose salmonella
most common cause of travelers' diarrhea ETEC
diarrhea after a course of abx C diff
diarrhea caused by gram neg lactose fermenting bacteria, no fever EColi
diarrhea caused by gram neg comma shaped organism, no fever virbrio cholera
diarrhea plus recent ingestion of water from a stream entamoeba, giardia
food poisoning from undercooked hamburger E coli
common cause of pneumonia in immunocompromised pts pneumocystis jiroveci (PCP)_
most common cause of atypical/walking pneumonia mycoplasma
most common fungal infection of the lung in the texas/gulf coastal region histoplasma
common causative agent for pneumonia in alcoholics strep pneumoniae
can cause an interstitial pneumonia in bird handlers chlamydia psittaci
often the cause of pneumonia in a pt with a history of exposure to bats and bat droppings histoplasma
fungal cause of pneumonia in a pt who has recently visited south california, NM, or W Tx coccidioides
pneumonia a/w current jelly sputum klebsiella
Q fever coxiella
a/w pneumonia acquired from air conditioners legionella
most common cause of pneumonia in children 1 year old or younger RSV
most common cause of pneumonia in the neonate GBS, E Coli
most common cuase of pneuumonia in children and young adults (including college kids, military, and prisoners) mycoplasma pneumonia
common cause of pneumonia in pts with other health problems Klebsiella
most common cause of viral pneumonia RSV
causes of wool-sorter's disease (a life-threatening pneumonia) anthrax
endogenous flora in 20% of adults strep pneumoniae
Common bacterial cause of COPD exacerbation H. flu
Common pneumonia in ventilator pts and those with cystic fibrosis pseudomonas
Pontiac fever legionella
helpatosplenomegal, elevated LTs, hemolytic anemia, jaundice, rash followed by desquamation of hands and feet, snuffles, metaphyseal dystrophy and periostitis early manifestations of congenital syphillis
hutchinson teeth, saddle nose deformity, frontal bossing, saber shins late manifestations of congenital syphillis
young pubertal girl with low PH and WBCs in her vaginal discharge physiologic discharge
cottage cheese vaginal discharge with low pH. KOH shows budding yeast pseudohyphae. candidiasis
irritating itchy strawberry cervix with increased pH in vaginal discharge trichomonas
smelly, greenish discharge with clue cells and increased pH bacterial vaginosis
adolescent with cough and rusty sputum. What does the gram stain show? G+ diplo cocci (st pneumo)
HIV pt with CD4=250 has signs of meningitis. heavily encapsulated organism cryptococcus
older male with bloody urine and renal stones. What organism caused the stones? proteus mirabilis
50 yo pt recovering from abdominal surgery. Now he has a fever of 100. Why? E Coli or Proteus invaded his catheter.
Created by: kayjames