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Benge Pedi 1

Benge Pedi Test 1

Development progressive change in the child toward maturity. Developmental tasks or milestones are basic achievements assoc. with each stage.
Growth PHYSICAL increase i body size.
Talking with adolescents Do not impose your values or give unwanted advicfe. They will likely reject you. They need to feel they can express their own ideas.
Play moves from solitary to parallel at 1-3 years of age, imitation of role models. no toy sharing until toddler.
Iron supplementation Especially @ 4-6 months. Can be supplemented with cereal, milk, dry beans, PB, cheese, juice, eggs
Tongue protrusion reflex of baby sticking tongue out during infant feeding
Dangers of baby sleeping with bottle bottle mouth or dental caries
Foods increased calcium yogurt, custard, cottage cheese, spinach, cantalope, fortified foods, other dairy products
Weaning 5-6 months. Sip from cup. Must beattempted gradually without fuss or strain.
Brushing teeth infant Brushing with a small soft tooth brush but not until several teeth have erupted.
Brushing teeth at two years old brush after every meal or snack, needs adult supervision. first dentis visit. no toothpaste until child can spit it out.
Food jags are common 1-3 years of age
Posterior Fontanel closes 10-12 weeks
Anterior Fontanel closes 40wk - 1 year
Pincer grasp using thumb and index finger (32 weeks)
Sleeping 1-2 years: 12-14 hours 3 years: 10-12 hours
Growth weight doubles 24 weeks
Growth weight triples 40 weeks
height increases how much 1st 6 months 1"/month
height increases how much after 6months 1/2"/month
cephalocaudal patter of growth that starts with the head and moves downward. able to control head and neck before arms and legs
Proximodistal pattern of growth that starts in the center and progresses toward the periphery or outside. Child can control movement of arms before hands
View the cargivers as experts in the care of their child and you as their consultant.
Identify your child's family caregivers and clarify roles. When the family structure is not immediately clear, you may avoid embarrassment by asking directly about other family members. "who else lives in the home?" "Who is jimmy's father?" "do you live together?" Do not assume.
Nurses must recognize the need for after-school services for these children and take an active role in the community to paln and support such serfvices. Maintain a list of the facilities available to support families with latchkey children. Give caregivers guidance in planning childrens afters-chool activities and offer support to the caregivers in their attempts to provide for their children.
Hospitalization, however brief, hampers the infants normal pattern of living. Even if the caregiver is present.
Hospitalization should follow home routine as close as possible.
Children are less anxious about procedures if they are allowed to handle equipment before hand and perhaps "use" it on a doll or another toy.
Do not impose your values on adolescents or give unwanted advice; they will likely reject you. Adolescents need to feel they can express their own ideas and opinions.
Avoiding Poisoning: Check toys for nontoxic material. Move all toxic substances out of reach. Remove any houseplants that may be poisonous. Protect child from inhaling lead paint dust or chewing on surfaces painted with lead paint. Place medicines in locked cupboards; remind family and friends to do the same.
Preventing Poisoning: Keep medicines in their original containers with original labels in a locked cupboard. Never refer to meds as candy. Never give meds to a child in the dark. Discard unused meds by a method that eliminates any possibility of child access. Replace safety caps properly. Keep the poison help line handy. Store cleaning and laundry products out of reach. Never put kerosene or other household fluids in soda bottles or other drink containers.
Dramatic play allows a child to act out troubling situations and to control the solution to the problem
Cooperative play children play in an organized group with each other, as in team sports
Associative play occurs when children play together and are engaged in a similar activity but without organization, rules, or a leader, and each child does what she or he wishes.
Parallel play children play alongside each other but independently.
Solitary independent play means playing apart from others without making an effort to be part of the group or group activity
Onlooker play watching television - observation without participation
Unoccupied behavior daydreaming or fingering clothing or a toy without apparent purpose.
Side effects for immunizations minor. Low-grade ever within the first 24-48 hours possibly a local reaction, such as tenderness, redness, and swelling at injection site. Treat symptomatically with acetaminophen for the fever and cool compresses at the injection site.
To prevent diaper rash, soiled diapers should be changed frequently. Check every 2-4 hours
The first deciduous teeth, usually the lower central incisors, usually erupt between 6-8 months of age.
Seperation anxiety is high during the toddler age.
Bathing Use a small tub, shampooing is important to prevent seborrheic dermatitis, do not need to bathe infant every day, scneted powders and lotions are discouraged.
School aged child weight and height Average annual weight gain is 5-6lbs. By age 7 the child weighs about 7x as much as they did at birth. Annual height increase is 2.5 inches.
School age child often has difficulty seperating fantasy from reality (magican thinking)
health examinations are recommended (preschool) annually
Age 6 years what teeth come in First molars
Age 12 years what teeth come in Second molars
Age 10 What teeth come in First premolar (first bicuspid) Second premolar (second bicuspid)
Perform a testicular self-exam once a month after a warm bath or shower. the scrotum is relaxed from the warmth. Select a day that is easy to remember.
Signs of testicular cancer small, painless lump in testical. Enlargement of testical. Significant loss in testi size. Feeling of scrotal heaviness. Dull ache int he lower abdomen or groin. Sudden accumulation of blood or fluid in scrotum. Enlargement or tenderness of the BREASTS!
Breast self-exam the best time to do the breast self-exam is about aw eek after your period ends. THe breast is not as tender or swollen at this point in the menstrual cycle. Use your finger tips.
Nocturnal emissions or wet dreams boys who are not prepared may bfeel guilty believing they have caused these by sexual fantasies or masturbation. They need to understand this is normal and simply the bodys method of getting rid of excess semen.
The safest condom is one made of latex with a prelubed tip or reservoir and pretreated with nonoxynol-9 spermicide.
Rohypnol date rape drug. illegal. the drug causes memory loss, black outs and an inability to resist sexual attacks. Encourage awareness.
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