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Fund ch7

NCLEX questions

When a attorney charges a nurse with manslaughter for administering a lethal dose, is an example of what law Criminal law
For a list of violations that would result in disciplinary actions as a nurse, you should read The Nurse Practice Act
The title of those who bring charges against someone The plantiffs
Specialty knowledge, experience, and clinical judgement meet criteria established by a nongovernment group, which grants recognition in specific area. What's the credential called? Certification
Review of patients record reveal NO consent signed for surgery, which intentional tort the surgeon would be guilty of? Assualt
What must be established to prove malpractice or negligence in Jean's case. (The veteran nurse that did not monitor the patients vitals during surgery). The nurse had a duty to monitor the PT's vital signs, failed to do so, the patient died, and it was Jean's failure to do her duty that caused the patients death
When the plantiffs attorney calls Nurse Jean (the defendant) she should respond by saying " I am sorry, but I can't talk to you. You'll have to speak to my attorney"
If you harm a patient by administering a medication (wrong drug, wong dose, etc.) ordered by a physician, what is true Both you and the physician are responsible for your respective actions
According to The American Nurses Association, the reasons to purchase personal professional liability insurance 1. Protection of the Nurse's best interest 2. Limitations of employer coverage 3. Care or advice given outside of work
A students legal liability to practice at the clinical site 1. Responsible for their on acts that result in injury 2. Held to the same standard of care as a RN 3. Considered a employee, hospital may be liable 4. Instructor share responsibility of damages, if failed to provide supervision All Above
Body of law that has evolved from accumulated judiciary decisions Common law
A nurse that misrepresents the outcome of a procedure or treatment, committed which of the following tort Fraud
Specialty knowledge, experience, and clinical judgement are validated by some professional organizations Certificate
Primary reason to fill out incident report To improve the quality of care
The Good Samaritan law would protect what action Emergency care for a choking victim in a restaurant
Protection of employees from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin is provided by what government agency EEOC
A nurse that meets the criteria necessary for recognition by the ANA, has undergone what process Certification
A nurse that comments to coworkers that her PT with a STD, is sexually active in the community may be quilty of what tort Slander
The process by which an educational program is evaluated and recognized as having met certain predetermined criteria Accreditation
Which action is recommended for a nurse who is named as a defendant Do not volunteer any information on the witness stand
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