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Fundamental Finals


When a nurse is able to recognize that an ethical moment has occurred.He/she is experiencing Ethical sensibility
Hospital policy dictates a new mother must be discharged home within 24 hrs, although the nurse knows the woman is not prepared. What moral problem does the nurse face Ethical distress
What principles apply to the utilitarian action guidline The rightness or wrongness of an action depends on the consequences the action produces
Guideline developed by the American Hospital Association to enumerate the rights and responsibilities of patients receiving care Patients Bill of rights
The ethical agency that cultivates dispositions that allow one to act as one believes one ought to act Ethical character
When a nurse provides the patient/family members information and support needed to make their own decision that's right for them, which bioethics are being practiced Autonomy
The concerns of the drafters of the bill of rights Drafted to empower nurses and to improve conditions within the workplace
Janie wants to call an ethics consult to clarify treatment goals for a dying patient that no longer speaks. She feels his dying is painfully prolonged. She is troubled when the doctor says she will be fired, she is facing Ethical distress
When a nurse advocate is conflicted with patients rights and self-determination, follow the general guidelines When in conflict, weigh in the benefits and risk of following each option and then choose wisely
5 yr old with dietary modifications r/t diabetes is deprived of T.V. by his parents when he gets mad of being denied foods that aren't on his diet. Example of Reward and punishing
Professional response to a PT that says" White nurses are smarter than nurses of color" "I don't beleive being smart is related to race or ethnicity." (Commitment to human dignity)
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing identifies 5 values that epitomize caring professional nurse. Which is acting accordance with appropriate code of ethics/standards of practice Integrity
A professional nurse with a commitment to social justice is most apt to Promote universal access to healthcare
When a older nurse complains that nurses aren't ethical anymore, what reply reflects moral development best The ability to behave ethically must be carefully cultivated; maybe we don't have this sufficiently to pay it the attention it deserves
A home heath nurse that performs a careful safety assessment of a frail elderly patient to prevent harm, is acting in accord with which bioethics principles Nonmaleficence
A professional nurse committed to the principle of autonomy would be careful to Provide information and support the patients needs to make a decision to advance their own interests
Nurses who value patients advocacy follow which guidelines They give priority to the good of the individual patient rather than to the good of society in general
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