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Ghost Towns SW

Pearson Reading

What does the word independence mean in this sentence? To celebrate their independence some countries have holidays. liberty
What does scrawled mean in this sentence? He scrawled a note. wrote awkwardly
What does the word economic mean in this sentence? His economic theory was not useful. relating to trade and money
What does the word overrun mean in this sentence? Mice had overrun the house. filled beyond its limits
What does the word vacant mean in this sentence? The hotel had no vacant rooms. empty
What do the phots with captions add to the selection? They provide more information about ghost towns and settlers.
A sentence in the selection says, "These communities boomed as miners sought gold, silver, copper, or other precious minerals but died out when all of the ore was panned from streams or blasted from rocky tunnels." What does boomed mean? grew quickly
What event happened first? James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill.
What happened to most towns if the railroad did not run close by? They became ghost towns.
Which is a statement of opinion? Few very respectable-looking women have ventured over to see us.
What generalization is supported by information in the selection? In the late 1800s many Europeans wre looking for a better life in the United States.
What detail best supports the main idea of the selection? People often think of ghost towns as the settlements of the western frontier.
Why did most towns fail? Moneymaking sources ran out.
According to the selection, how were Phoenix and Denver alike? they both grew and survived?
What is a valid generalization? A few people got rich, but a lot of others did not.
What is the most likely reason the author wrote the selection? to teach readers how busy towns could die quickly.
What is the selection mostly about? western towns that didn't survive