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Peri-operative Needs

PCC jeopardy

it is important to avoid unnecessary noises and motion during this stage of general anesthesia Stage 1: beginning anesthesia because it is when they are most agitated
it is best to reposition the client for the surgical procedure while in this stage of general anesthesia Stage 3: surgical anesthesia
s/sx of this stage of anesthesia are shallow respirations, weak & thready pulse, fixed & dilated pupils & cyanosis stage 4
during this stage the anesthesiologist or anesthetist must always be assisted during stage 2: excitement
pt states is nervous & does not fully understand the procedure, what is first nursing intervention call dr.
team member manages the OR & protects the pt's safety circulating nurse
team member performs surgical hand scrub scrube role
team member must be able to handle any emergency situation in the OR registered nurse first assistant
member is subject to several risks and may feel anxiety pt
team members are responsible for counting all needles, sponges, and supplies scrub person and circulator
pt under this type of anesthesia, are not arousable, not even painful stimuli general anesthesia
type of anesthesia is injected around nerves regional anethesia
type of anesthesia involves an injection into the spine spinal anesthesia
type of anesthesia involves the injection of a local anesthetic into the epidural space epidural
type of anesthesia involves the IV admin of sedatives or analgesic medications moderate or conscious sedation
stages of anesthesia, if it develops the anesthetic agent is discontinued Stage 4: medullary depression
protrusion of internal organs though the wound opening, what are nursing interventions cover with moist sterile dressings, NPO, notify physicians, watch for s/sx of shock
INTERVENTIONS IF AN INTRAOPERATIVE PT BEGINS TO GAG OR VOMIT turn them on their side, lower the head of bed, use suction prn
DTs stand for delirium tremors
cause of DT from alcohol withdrawl
absence of microorganisms in the surgical environment to reduce the risk for infection surgical asepsis
s/sx of malignant hyperthermia body rigidity, decreased BP, increased pulse, increased temp, cyanosis, modeling
tx for malignant hyperthermia correct of dysrhythmias, decreased temp, 02, Dantrium
safety interventions used in associated with laser surgery grounding pads on, reduce exposure to eeys and skins, wear laser goggles, prevent inhalation of laser plume, smoke evacuators, familiarization of equipment
prevent a spinal headache while caring for a post-op pt who received a spinal anesthetic keep pt well hydrated, keep pt lying flat, decrease noise and stimulation
what is referred to as the time out and who is responsible for ensuring that it is performed circulating nurse is responsible, amond the surgical team prior to induction of anesthesia, every member of the surgical team verifies the pt's name, procedure & surgical sit using objective documentation and data
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