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Oceanography 4.2

vocab list

plankton the tiny plants and animals living on the ocean surface that cannot be seen with the naked eye
prevailing winds the winds that blow mostly from one direction
saline a saltwater solution
sand rock and meneral particles smaller than 2mm in diameter
sand dune a hill of sand built up by wind
shoreline the land along the edge of the ocean water
sonar a method of detecting objects using sound waves
submarine canyon a groove cut in the continental shelf and slope
tide the rise and fall of ocean water
trade winds the winds that blow from east to west toward the equator
trench a deep ocean valley
tsunami a large ocean wave, reaching up to 30 meters, caused by an underwater earthquake or landslide
wave the rise and fall movement of ocean water
westerlies the winds that flow from west to east away from the equator
Created by: AHoldeman