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AT Unit 2 Vocab

AT Unit 2 vocabulary review

CFS calls for service
Spatial join data being joined together based on geographic location, rather than a shared data column
summarize when a new table is formed showing details of whatever columns were selected
relate when the information on two separate tables are connected to one another. (Not appended)
merge to combine two separate data sets that share a particular feature into one data set
union when two distinct data layers are combined into one based upon a matching data value
Personal Geodatabase collection of geographic datasets of various types used in ArcGIS, in existence since ArcGIS 9
file geodatabase collection of geographic datasets of various types used in ArcGIS, not backwards compatible
feature class collection of common features, each having the same spatial representation, point, line, or polygon
vertex one of a set of ordered x, y coordinate pairs that defines the shape of a line or polygon feature
snapping when the vertices will automatically connected to other vertices most near the where the mouse positions it
data merge combining features from multiple sources into a single new class
ArcCatalog one of three major components of ArcGIS software, displays GIS data and allows for creation of new shape files, but does not create maps or display multiple data layers
ArcToolbox one of three major components of ArcGIS software, manipulates the data within these or simplifies processes.
Medelbuilder A tool that can be used in ArcCatalog to combine data and create processes that complete tasks normally done in arcMap without you needing to open or operate the ArcMap portion of the software
flowchart the drawn representation in model builder of the functions that will be completed.
Created by: asugden