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Generic name for Proventil, Ventolin albuterol
Trade names for albuterol Proventil Ventolin
What is the actions and uses for albuterl / Proventil, Ventolin Binds to Beta2 receptors, relaxation of airway smooth mucle Bronchodilaton
What is basic doses for albuterol-Proventil, Ventolin PO 2-4mg 3-4 times daily not to exceed 32mg/day USE A SPACER
Side Effects of albuterl-Proventil, Ventolin Increased Heart Rate, Nervousnes, Tremors, Headache, Insomnia
Crittical Nursing Implications of albuterl-Proventil, Ventolin Assess lung sounds, Pulse and Blood pressure before administration
Patient Teaching for of albuterl-Proventil, Ventolin 1) Propor Inhaler / Nebulizer use 2) Do not double dose or exceed recommended dose, this may cause adverse side effects
Contraindications for albuterl-Proventil, Ventolin Hypersensitivity to adrenergic amines & flurolabons
Classification of albuterl-Proventil, Ventolin Bronchodilators / adrenergics
Generic Name for Lovenox Low maleculer heparins / enoxaparin
Classification of LW heparins / Lovenox Anticoagulants
Action and Uses of LW heparins / Lovenox 1] To potentiate the inhibitory effect of antithrombin on Xa factor and thrombin 2] Prevention of thrombus formation
Doses for LW heparins / Lovenox Subcut 30mg q 12hrs, IV bolus 30mg plus 1mg/kg
Contraindications of LW heparins / Lovenox Active Bleeding, Hypersensitivity to Pork products
Side Effects of LW heparins / Lovenox BLEEDING, Anemia, Dizziness, Edema
Critical Nursing Implications of LW heparins / Lovenox Assess for signs of bleeding and hemorrhage
Patient Teaching for LW heparins / Lovenox 1] Rotate injection sites 2] Report signs of unusual bleeding, brusing, itching and swelling 3] Instruct PT not to take aspirin or NSAID's
Trade Name for LW heprain Lovenox
Generic Name for Motrin ibuprofen
Trade name for ibuprofen Motrin
Clasification of ibuprofen / Motrin Nonopiod Analgesics, Non steroidal anti-inflammatory
Action of ibuprofen / Motrin Inhibits prostaglandin synthesis
Uses of ibuprofen / Motrin Decreased pain and inflammation / Reduction of fever
Doses of ibuprofen / Motrin PO 400-800mg 3-4x day (max 3600mg/day)
Contraindications of ibuprofen / Motrin GI bleeding or ulcer disease. Cross sensitivity may exist with other NSAID's
Side effects of ibuprofen / Motrin GI bleeding, Hepatitis, Nausea, Vomiting
Critical Nursing Implications of ibuprofen / Motrin PTs with asthma, asprin-induced allergy at increased risk for hypersensitivity reactions. Asses for rhinitis, athma and urtcaria.
Patient Teaching of ibuprofen / Motrin 1] Take with full glass of water and remain upright for 15-30 mins 2]Caution PT to avoid concurrent use of alcohol
Antagonist of Heparins Protamein Sulfate
Trade Name for glipizide Glucotrol
Generic name for Glucotrol glipizide
Classification of glipizde / Glucotrol Antidiabetics
Actions of glipizde / Glucotrol Lower blood glucose by stimulating release of insulin from BetaCells in the Pancreas and increasing sensitivity of insulin reseptors
Uses of glipizde / Glucotrol Lower blood glucose in Diabetic Patients
Doses for glipizde / Glucotrol PO 5mg q day Max dose 40mg q day
Contraindications of glipizde / Glucotrol Hypersensitivity with sulfonamides, Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetic Coma
Side Effects of glipizde / Glucotrol Photosensitivity, Hypoglycemia, Dizziness, Constipation
Critical Nursing Implications for glipizde / Glucotrol Observe for S&S of Hypoglycemic reactions (sweating, hunger,weakness, dizziness, tremors, tachycardia, anxiety), Monitor CBC and report low Blood counts`
Patient Teaching for glipizde / Glucotrol 1] Take at same time each day 2] Explain meds cantrol hyperglycemia but doesn't cure diabetes 'long term therapy' 3] Teach S/S of Hypoglycemia to pt & Family
Genric name for Lasix furosemide
Trade name for furosemide Lasix
Casification of furosemide / Lasix Loop Diuretics
Actions of furosemide / Lasix Inhibits the reabsorption of sodium and chloride from the loop of henle. Increase Renal excretion of water
Uses for furosemide / Lasix Decrease excess fluid in the body. Decrease blood pressure
Doses of furosemide / Lasix PO 20-80mg/day may increase q 6-8hr for desired reponse IM, IV 20-40mg may repeat in 1-2hr
Contraindications for furosemide / Lasix 1]Hypotension 2]Dehydration 3]Hypokolemia 4]Blurred vission
Critical Nursing Implications for furosemide / Lasix Monitor daily weights, I/O's, Lung sounds, Skinturger, Mucous Membranes. VITAL SIGNS
Patient Teaching for furosemide / Lasix Orthostatic hypotention, High potassium dieats are bad. Notify Doc of weight gains or Weight losses
Generic Name for Neurontin gabapentin
Trade name for gabapentin Neurontin
Classification of gabapentin / Neurontin Analgesic Adjuncts, Anticonvolsants, Mood Stabilizers
Actions of gabapentin / Neurontin Mechanism of action is not known
Uses of gabapentin / Neurontin Decreased incidence of seizures / post-herpatic pain / neuropathic pain
Doses for gabapentin / Neurontin PO 100-300mg 3x day Titrate up 900-1800mg 3xday
Side Effects of gabapentin / Neurontin CNS - Confusion, Depression, Drowsiness Neuro - Ataxia (loss of volintary muscle control)
Contraindications for gabapentin / Neurontin Caution w/ renal insufficincy, Under 3yrs old, Pregnant
Critical Nursing Implications for gabapentin / Neurontin Assess location, duration and characteristics of seizure activity
Patient teaching for gabapentin / Neurontin 1] Don't take within 2hrs of antacids 2] Avoid activities requiring alertness 3] Notify Doc if planning pregnancy or suspected it
Trade name for warfarin Coumadin
Generic name for Coumadin warfarin
Classification of warfrin / Coumadin Anticoagulants
Actions of warfrin / Coumadin Interfears w/ vitamin K-dependent clotting factors
Uses for warfrin / Coumadin Prevention of thromboemblolic events, Stop a clot from forming
Doses of warfrin / Coumadin PO, IV 2.5-10mg q day for 2-4 days then adjust from there
Side Effects of warfrin / Coumadin Bleeding, Cramping, Nausea
Contraindications for warfrin / Coumadin Uncontrolled Bleeding, Open Wounds, Active ulcers, Recent Brain eye or spinal cord injury or surgery
Critical Nursing Implications for warfrin / Coumadin 1] Assess for signs of Bleeding 2] Double check everything with another nurse before administration
Patient Teaching w/ warfrin / Coumadin 1] No double dosing on missed doses 2] Keep consistant diet to keep Vit K levels equal 3]Report signs of unusual Bleeding 4] AVOID ALCOHOL AND NSAID's
Trade Name for prednisone Sterapred
Generic Name for Sterapred prednisone
Classification of prednisone / Sterapred Antiasthmatics
Actions of prednisone / Sterapred Suppress inflamation and the normal immune response in asthmatics
Uses for prednisone / Sterapred Suppress inflamation and the normal immune response in asthmatics
Doses of prednisone / Sterapred PO 5-60mg q day as single or individual doses
Side Effects of prednisone / Sterapred 1] Decreased wound healing 2] Hyperglycemia 3] Increased risk of infections 4] Cushingoid apperance (moon face)
Critical Nursing Implications for prednisone / Sterapred Assess vital signs before and during therapy
Containdications for prednisone / Sterapred Active untreated infections
Patient Teaching w/ prednisone / Sterapred 1] When D/Cing wean off dosing 2] May cause immunosuppression
Trade Name for metoprolol Lopressor, Toprol-XL
Generic Name for Lopressor, Toprol-XL metoprolol
Classification of metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL Antianginals, Anti-hypertensives
Actions of metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL Beta1 Blocker (myocardial)
Uses for metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL Decreased blood pressure, heart rate and frequency of angina attacks
Doses for metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL PO 25-100mg q day up to 450mg q day IV 5mg q 2 mins for 3 doses
Side Effects of metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL Hypotension, Fatigue, Weakness, E.D. in males Bradycardia, Pulmonary Edema
Critical Nursing Implications for metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL Monitor Vital Signs and ECG every 5-15 mins during and after admin. Monitor I&Os and daily wieghts for S&S of CHF
Contratindications for metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL Uncompensated CHF, Pulmanary edema, Bradycardia
Patient Teaching w/ metoprolol / Lopressor, Toprol-XL 1] Do not Take/Give if SBP below 100 or HR below 60 2] Apical Pulse most be taken before administering 3] take same time everyday and No double dosing 4] May cause drowsiness
Generic name for Percocet oxycodone
Trade Name for oxycodone Percocet
Classification of oxycodone / Percocet Opiod Analgesics
Actions for oxycodone / Percocet Alters the the perception of and response to painful stimuli
Uses for oxycodone / Percocet Decrease Pain
Doses for oxycodone / Percocet PO 5-10mg q 3-4 hr
Contraindications for oxycodone / Percocet Head Trauma, Pregnancy or lactation
Side Effects of oxycodone / Percocet Hypotention, Respitory Depression, Confusion, Constipation
Critical Nursing Implications for oxycodone / Percocet Assess Vital Signs and Resp Rate Before and After administering Resp less than 10/min do not administer
Patient Teaching w/ oxycodone / Percocet Instruct PT when to ask for pain meds (before pain is really bad) Can cause drowsiness or dizziness call assistance when ambulating Orthostatic Hypotention
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