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Lesson 19 pt 1 ATC


枪手 qiang1shou3 one who takes an examination in place of another person. (lit. "shooter")
北京大学 bei3jing1 da4xue2 Peking University
研究生 yan2jiu1sheng1 graduate student
研究生楼 yan2jiu1sheng1 lou2 graduate student domitory
启事 qi3shi4 notice; announcement
诚聘 cheng2pin4 to sincerely hire ("wanted")
ji2 urgent; urgently
托福 tuo1fu2 TOEFL
代考 dai4kao3 to take an exam for someone else
价格 jia4ge2 price
大概 da4gai4 probably
心虚 xin1xu1 with a guilty conscience; afraid of being found out
专门 zhuan1men2 especially
注明 zhu4ming2 to make a footnote
联系 lian2xi4 to contact
其他 qi2ta1 other; else
著名 zhu4ming2 famous; celebrated
代考者 dai4kao3zhe3 people who take an examination for others
cheng1 to call; to be called
zhuan1 especially (=专门)
ti4 for; on behalf of
他人 ta1ren2 some other persons
达成 da2cheng2 to realize; to achieve
目标 mu4biao1 goal; target
高额 gao1e2 a large amount of money
酬劳 chou2lao2 compensation; reward; payment
无疑 wu2yi2 undoubtedly
dang1 to play the part of; to work as
角色 jue2se4 role; part
毫无 hao2wu2 not at all
违规 wei2gui1 to violate regulations
性质 xing4.zhi4 nature; quality
教务处 jiao4wu4chu4 educational administration office
否认 fou3ren4 to deny
存在 cun2zai4 to exist
举出 ju3chu1 to give (an example); to cite as an example
发生 fa1sheng1 to happen; to occur; take place
qi3 mw for legal cases or occurrences
an4 case
表示 biao3shi4 to express
处理 chu3li3 to punish; to deal with
严厉 yan2li4 stern; severe
化学 hua4xue2 chemistry
毫不留情 hao2bu4liu2qing2 to show no mercy whatsoever
上网 shang4wang3 to log onto the internet
发布 fa1bu4 to announce; to issue
通告 tong1gao4 public notice; announcement
是否 shi4fou3 whether or not; yes or no
防止 fang2zhi3 to prevent
范围 fan4wei2 scope; extent; range
guan3 to supervise; to manage
比较 bi3jiao4 relatively; fairly
首先 shou3xian1 in the first place; first of all
校内 xiao4nei4 inside the university
进行 jin4xing2 to carry on/out; to conduct
难以 nan2yi3 difficult to
查找 cha2zhao3 to investigate; to look into
Created by: zhangkailin
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