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DIT fungi/parasite

quick quiz

inhibits ergosterol synthesis azoles and terbinafin
SE: arrhythmias and nephrotoxicity amp B
deposits in keratin containing tissues griseofulvin
inhibits hormone synthesis and cytochrome P450 -azoles
SE: liver dysfunction azoles, griseofulvin
causes "san joaquin valle fever" coccidio
found in rural Latin America paracoccidio
a/w plant thorns and cutaneous injury sporothrix
found in states east of the mississippi river blasto
found in bird and bat droppings histo
mold form contains barrel shaped arthroconidia coccidio
chagas disease trypanosoma cruzi
protozoal vaginitis trichomonas
malaria plasmodium
birth defects toxoplasma
bloody diarrhea entamoeba
foul-smelling diarrhea, flatulence, bloating giardia
med for giardia,entamoeba, trich metronidazole
med for plasmodium vivax or ovale primaquine + chloroquine
med for flukes and tapeworms praziquantel
meds for hookworm, pinworm, roundworm bendazoles
freshwater snail schistosoma
ixodes tick babesia/ borellia
reduviid bug trypanosoma cruzi
anopheles mosquito plasmoidum
sandfly leishmania
tsetse fly trypanosoma b/g/r
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