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DIT helminths

most common helminthic infection in the US enterobius vermicularis (pinworm)
One third of the world infected with it ascaris lumbricoides
snail host, "swimmer's itch" schistosoma
most common predisposing factor for bladder CA in 3rd world countries schistosoma
contracted by eating undercooked fish and causes inflammation of the biliary tract clonorchis
soil to skin to venous blood supply to lungs to pharynx to intestines stronglyoides
hookworm ancylostoma duodenale, necator americanus
roundworm ascaris
undercooked crabmeat causes inflammation and secondary bacterial infection of the lung paragonimus westernari
pork tapeworm taenia solium
responsible for lymphatic filariasis onchococa volvulus
adult pt from mexico with new onset seizures and brain calcifications taenia
hematuria in pt from 3rd world country schistosoma
med for giardia,entamoeba, trichomonas metronidazole
med formost malarias chloroquine
med for plasmodium vivax or ovale cloroquine + primaquine
med for resistant malarias mefloquine, sulfadoxin + pyramithamine or quinine + doxycyclin
meds for most all flukes and tapeworms praziquantel
meds for hookworm, pinworm, roundworm bendazoles, pyrantel pamoate
meds for chagas disease nifurtimox
best guess for roundworms bendazoles
leishmaniasis tx sodium stibogluconate
lice pediculosis capitis
crabs pediculosis pubis
Created by: kayjames
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