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GT Genetics Stack JD

BBMS GT Science study stack for Evolution Vocab Test

Species A specific animal type which has adapted to it's environment
Adaptation How the random mutations in DNA allow a creature to survive and reproduce better in it's environment, passing the better traits down.
Evolution A species adapting over a course of time to become a new and better fit species in an environment
Scientific Theory A well tested concept which explains manyn observations
Natural Selection How a species dies off while the better fit one survives
Variation Difference
Fossil Petrified skeleton of a long-dead creature
Extinct Complete species death
Gradualism Evolutionary theory that evolution happens slowly, bet steadily, over a course of hundreds of years
Punctured Equilibria Evolutionary theory that evolution happens in short, rapid bursts, seperated by hundreds of years
Homologous Structures Body parts structurally similar in related species
Fossil Record All the fossils that scientists have collected
4 Natural Selection Factors 1.Selection 2:Overproduction 3:Competition 4:Variation
Created by: fludd12