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DIT antifungals

interferes with microtubule function Griseofulvin
swish and swallow for oral candidiasis (thrush) Nystatin
cell wall synthesis inhibiter used in invasive aspergillosis caspofungin
binds ergosterol -> membrane pores amp B
inhibits ergosterol synthesis Azoles, terbinafin
most common Tx for onychomycosis terbinafin, griseofulvin
SE: arrhythmias and nephrotoxicity Amp B
Deposits in keratin containing tissues griseofulvin
inhibits hormone synthesis and cytochrome P450 azoles
SE: liver dysfunction azoles
SE: teratogenic, carcinogenic Griseofulvin
Used for cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS fluconazole or intrathecal Amp B
converted to fluorouracil, inhibits DNA synthesis Flucytosine
Drug of choice for sporotrichosis Itraconazole
What antifungal can be used intrathecally for fungal meningitis Amp B
what is the clinical use of griseofulvin oral tx of superficial infections, inhibits dermatophytes
Teratogenic, Carcinogenic, confusion, HA, P450 inducer griseofulvin
squalene ---> lanosterol blocked by... Terbinafin
Lanosterol --->ergosterol blocked by... -azoles
pyrimidine synthesis blocked by... flucytosine
microtubules disrupted by... griseofulvin
membrane disrupted by.. Amp B and Nystatin
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