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DIT mycology

found in SW US including west texas and cali coccidiodomycosis
found in mississippi and ohio river basins Histoplasmosis
causes "san joaquin valley fever" coccidiodomycosis
found in rural Latin America paracoccidioidomycosis
a/w plant thorns and cutaneous injury sporothrix schenkii
found in states east of the mississippi river blastomycosis
found in bird and bat droppings histoplasmosis
mold form contains barrel shaped arthroconidia coccidiodomycosis
associated with dust storms coccidiodomycosis
broad based budding of yeast blastomycosis
multiple budding of yeast form paracoccidioidomycosis
causes diaper rash candida
opportunistic mold with septate hyphae that branch at a 45 degree angle aspergillus
opportunistic mold with irregular nonseptate hyphae that branch at wide angles mucor
causes thrush in immunocompromised pts and vulvovaginitis in women candida
known for causing pneumonia in ADS, start bactrim prophylaxis when CD4<200 pneumocystis jiroveci
yeast known for causing meningitis in AIDS pts cryptococcus
4 molds that are dermatophytes microsporum, tricophyton, epidermophyton, spidermophyton
what infections are caused by dermatophytes the tinea's
pt returns from a trip to New Mexico and now has pneumonitis. What is the fungal cause of this pts lung disease? coccidioidomycosis
30 yo female with cauliflower skin lesions. Bx shows broad based budding yeasts blastomycosis
HIV pt with CSF showing 75 lymphoctyes dies suddenly. Yeast is identified in CSF pneumocystis jiroveci
Pt with thorn prick with ulcers along lymphatic drainage sporothrix
what infections are a/w birds chlamydia psittaci, histo, cryptococcus, avian flu, west nile virus
Created by: kayjames