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Food JB1

Talking about food in Chinese

面包 Bread
面条 Noodles
Wheat flour; noodles
炒面 Fried noodles
米饭 (Cooked) rice
炒饭 Fried rice
Meal; Cooked rice
To stir fry
饺子 Chinese dumplings (stuffed with meat and/or vegetable stuffing)
包子 Steamed stuffed buns
牛肉 Beef
羊肉 Lamb/mutton
猪肉 Pork
鸡肉 Chicken (meat)
鸡蛋 (Chicken) egg
比萨饼 Pizza
水果 Fruit
巧克力 Chocolate
冰淇淋 Ice cream
蛋糕 Cake
饼干 Biscuits
To eat
汉堡包 Hamburger
麦当劳 McDonald's
肯德基 KFC
三明治 Sandwich
沙拉 Salad
咖哩 Curry
Created by: Ginajay