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DIT upper GI

specialized columnar epithelium seen in a biopsy from distal esophagus Barrett's esophagus
biopsy of a pt with esophagitis reveals lg pink intranuclear inclusions and host cell chromatin that is pushed to the edge of the nucleus HSV
stomach biopsy reveals NPs above the BM, l/o surface epithelium, and fibrin containing purulent exudate Actue gastritis
An esophageal biopsy reveals a lack of ganglion cells between the inner and outer muscular layers achalasia
biopsy of mass in parotid gland reveals a double layer of columnar epithelia cells resting on a dense lymphoid stroma warthin's tumor
SI boiopsy reveals small lymphocytes with irregular nuclear contours and proliferation of these lymphocytes into the mucosa and epithelial glands MALToma
Outpouching of all layers of the esophagus found just aboave the LES epiphrenic diverticulum
basal cell hyperplasia, eosinophilia, and elongation of lamina propria papilla seen in biopsy of esophagus chronic reflux esophagitis
goblet cells seen in the distal esophagus Barretts
stomach biopsy reveals lymphoid aggregates in the LP, columnar absorptive cells, and atrophy of glandular structures Chronic Gastritis
Protrusion of the mucosa in the upper esophagus Esophageal web (Plummer Vinson)
Biopsy of a pt with esophagitis reveals enlarged cells, intranuclear and cytoplastmic inclusions, and a clear perinuclear halo CMV
diffuse thickening of gastric folds, elevated serum gastrin levels, biopsy reveals glandular hyerplasia without foveolar hyperplasia Zollinger Ellison
biopsy of mass in parotid gland shows both epithelial and mesenchymal differentiation Pleiomorphic adenoma
biopsy of mass from parotid gland reveals a carcinoma complosed of mostly mucus-secreting cells but also some squamous cells, and intermediate hybrids of both mucoepidermoid tumor
A PAS stain on a biopsy obtained from a pt with esophagitis reveals hyphenated organisms candida esophagitis
most common cause of duodenal ulcers H Pylori
Esophageal pouch found in the upper esophagus Zenker's diverticulum
pt on NSAIDS for gout gets anemia, pain with eating, and occult blood. What drug would address the current problem? Misoprostol
Newbort has torouble feeding, vomits milk when fed and has a gastric air bubble on x ray. tracheoesophageal fistula
a 60 yo man with chronic reflux presents with esophageal cancer. what kind? adenocarcinoma
35 yo man with diarrhea and hematochezia. transmural inflammation of intestine. Chron's
Weight lifter with focal hemorrhages in his sm bowel incarcerate inguinal hernia
what NTs do prokinetic agents work on? increasing ACh, increasing serotonin, decreasing dopamine
40 yo woman pooping 4 times a day with constant mild abd pain relieved by defecation. normal colonoscopy irritable bowel syndrome
50 yo man with diarrhea. Plethoric face. Heart murmum. carcinoid syndrome
Created by: kayjames