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The Elements By Nat

Flaschcards that Natalie made for the element test.

How many different elements with different properties are there? 112
Element a material that cannot be broken down into anything simpler than a chemical reaction.
Water is made up of the elements -------- and ------. Neither of these 2 elements can be broken down into simpler substances. Hydrogen and Oxygen
Most elements are ________,some are _______,and a few are liquids at room temperature. Solids,gasses
Metals elements that share common properties like shiny,luster,conductivity,and flexibility.
Nonmetals elements that are dull,poor conductors of electricity,and brittle
Atom the smallest unit of an element that contains particles of that element
Elements are made up of tiny ___________. particles
Metalloids elements with properties in between metals and nonmetals
A material that cannot be broken down easily by a chemical reaction is an ___________. Element
There are over _______+ known elements. 117
Elements combined with other elements to form a new substance are ___________ ___________. Chemically Reactive
Atomic Mass the sum of protons and neutrons
Molecule two or more of the same atoms linked together by their electrons
Molecules form when they are linked together by their ______________________. Electrons
Combining letters and numbers together to describe molecules are __________ ____________ Chemical Formulas
Elements that are liquid at room temperature are?? bromine and mercury
What do scientists use to magnify atoms? An electron microscope
Electron Microscopes use ________ instead of light particles. electrons
An elements name is determined by the number of ___________ and nothing else. protons
Created by: dogstar4225