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earth dimensions-spheres-measurements

in this century , time zones were created 1800s - late
season when daylight savings starts spring-March or April usually
numbert of days that New York sees the Sun directly overhead zero -0-none
what we call a time zone that is NOT in Daylight Time Standard Time Zone
how many Time Zones Exist on the Earth twenty-four (24)
Where you can be and will gain or lose a full day-on the Earth the International Date Line
the Time Zone that California is in Pacific Standard Time Zone
the Time Zone the Miami, FL is in Eastern Standard Time Zone-same as New York
the time change that happens as your travel North none- no change occurs
traveling West on the Earth, the time will get[become] always Earlier
how many Time Zones there are in the Continental United States Four (4)
when the Sun has its MAXIMUM altitude above your location each day Solar Noon
causes the Sun to have its apparent motion the earth's rotation
imaginary line going from N to S poles through the Earth's center the Earth's AXIS
Major ocean the the International Date Line crosses Pacific- note- the date line is always over water
caused by the shadow of the Earth in space a Lunar Eclipse
a Greek- he measured first the size of the Earth Eratosthenes
If city A is at 0 Longitude and city B is at 75 E Longitude- time difference will be five hours
if City A is at 0 Longitude and City B is at 75 W longitude - in which city is it Earlier? City A- since it is more west than City B
City C is at 90 W longitude and City D is at 120 W Longitude, what is the TIME DIFFERENCE, and WHICH IS EARLIER 2 hours, and city D- being more West- is Earlier
If you are on the Prime Meridian, and I am at 45 East longitude, what is our time difference, and who is at the later time? our time difference is 3 hours and YOU, being more EAST, are at the LATER time
your Longitude if you are in Greenwich, England zero (0) Longitude
city at 34 South Lat. and 151 East Long. Sydney, Australia
city at 58 North Lat. and 38 East long. Moscow, Russia
city at 42 North Lat. and 13 East Long. Rome, Italy
city at 19 North Lat and 99 West Long. Mexico City, Mexico
Created by: castronovombhs