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DIT immuno

DIT/FA immuno

CD surface marker displayed only by Helper T cells CD4
CD surface marker displayed only by cytotoxic T cells CD8
CD surface marker found on all T cells (but not NK cells) CD3
CD surface markers used to ID B cells CD19,20,21
CD surface markers that inhibit compliment C9 binding CD55, 59
Cd surface marker found on all NK cells and binds the constant region of IgG CD16
Endotoxin receptor found on macrophages CD14
Cytokines that promotes B cell growth and differentiation IL-4, IL-5
Cytokines that are produced by Th1 cells IL-2, IFNgamma
Cytokines that are produced by Th2 cells IL-4, IL-5, IL-10
Cytokine involved in growth and activation of eosinophils IL-5
cytokine secreted by helper T cells and activates macrophages IFN-gamma
cytokine that inhibits macrophage activation IL-10
pyogens secreted by monocytes and macrophages IL-1, IL-6, TNFalpha (acute phase cytokines)
cytokine that inhibits the production of Th1 cells IL-10
Cytokine that inhibits the production of Th2 cells IFN-gamma
Cytokine that mediates inflammation Il-1, IL-6, TNFalpha
Cytokine that enhances the synthesis of IgE and IgG IL-4
Cytokine that enhances synthesis of IgA IL-5
Cytokines released by virally infected cells IFNalpha, IFNbeta
Cytokine that supports T cell proliferation, differentiation, and activation IL-2
What composes the coding region for each specific antigen receptor on B and T cells Rearrangements of DNA segments named variable (V), diversity (D), and joining (J)
How does the rearrangement process begin? with breaks in the dsDNA a recombination signal sequences (RSSs) that flank the V,D, and J coding regions
How is V(D)J recombination initiated? by the recombination activating gene complex (RAG 1 and 2)
What happens if there are mutations in either of the RAG genes? the inability to initiate V(D)J rearrangements causes an arrest of B and T cell development
Immunoglobin associated with allergies because it is bound by mast cells and basophils and causes them to degranulate and release their histamine IgE
Comprises 70-75% of the total immunoglobulin pool IgG
Present in large quantities on the membrane of many B cells IgM, IgD
Crosses the placenta and confers imunity to neonates in the first few months of life IgG
Can occur as a dimer IgA
Largely confined to the intravascular pool and is the predominant early antibody frequently seen in the immune response to infectious organisms and with complex antigens IgM
Distributed evenly between the intravascular and extravascular pools IgG
The predominant ig in mucoserous secretions like saliva, colostrum, milk, tracheobronchial secretions, and genitourinary secretions IgA
Can be a pentamer IgM
How do you diagnose PNH With Ham's test
Hams test RBCs lyse at low PH
Triad of PNH Hemosiderinuria, Chronic intravascular hemolysis, Thrombosis
Anemia, Jaundice, Hydrops fetalis, I/U death clinical features of erythroblastosis fetalis in the neonate
Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis hypersensitivity 3
Asthma hypersensitivity 1
Rheumatic fever hypersensitivity 2
Tuberculosis skin test (PPD) hypersensitivity 4
Allergies, anaphylaxis, and hay fever hypersensitivity 1
Polyarteritis nodosa hypersensitivity 3
Serum sickness hypersensitivity 3
ABO blood type incompatibility hypersensitivity 2
Poison Ivy hypersensitivity 4
Eczema hypersensitivity 1
Contact dermatitis hypersensitivity 4
Goodpasture's syndrome hypersensitivity 2
causes an elevated ESR Polymyalgia rheumatica, temporal arteritis, disease activity in RA and SLE, infxn, inflammation (osteomyelitis), malignancy
Which complement is responsible for neutrophil chemotaxis? C5a
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