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Lingua - Cap 15

Chapter 15 on LIngua Latina

lūdus -i play, game, school
magister -tri schoolmaster, teacher
discipulus -i pupil, disciple
virga -ae rod
sella -ae stool, chair
iānua -ae door
vērum but
tergum -i back
malum -ī evil, trouble, harm
lectulus -ī (little) bed
sevērus -a -um stern, severe
tacitus -a - um silent
vērus -a -um true, n truth
posterior -iurs back-, hind-, later
īnferior -ius lower, inferior
prior -ius first, former, front-
pūnīre punish
cōnsīdere -disse mount, board
exclāmāre cry out, exclaim
dēsinere -siisse finish, stop, end
redīre -eō -iisse -itum go back, return
reddere -didsse -ditum give back, give
recitāre read aloud
licēre: licet +dat it is allowed, one may
sum ?
es be
sumus -a -um highest, greatest
estis ?
ego therefore, so
tū tē tibi you, yourself
nōs nōbīs we, us, ourselves
vōs vōbīs you, yourselves
nōndum not yet
statim at once
tum then
quid? who, what
domī at home
antequam before
at but
nisi if not exept but
Created by: suzie865