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DIT Gram positive

What skin infections can be caused by both Strep pyogenes and Staph aureus? Folliculitis, Cellulitis, Impetigo
What types of infections does GBS (agalactiae) cause in neonates? Pneumonitis, Meningitis, Sepsis
What organisms are most commonly implicated in subacute endocarditis? Staph Epidermidis, Viridans Strep, Enterococci
What organism is most implicated in ACUTE endocarditis? Staph Aureus
What is the most common aerobic skin flora? Staph Epidermidis
Causes scalded skin syndrome staph aureus
white membrane on pharynx corynebacterium diptheriae
pharyngitis -> glomerulonephritis Group A Strep
Most common cause of meningitis S. pneumoniae
Most common cause of osteomyelitis Staph Aureus
serious newborn infections Listeria, Group B strep, (E. Coli)
Infant with poor muscle tone C. Botulinum
Diarrhea after using antibiotics C. Diff
Respiratory distress in a postal worker B. Anthrax
Otitis media in children S. pneumoniae
Cellulitis Staph aureus or strep pyogenes
What is the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin? Heat Labile toxin inhibits ACh release at the NMJ
Potato salad leads to vomiting that is better after 10 hours. What's the organism? Staph Aureus
What infections are caused by strep pyogenes (GAS)? pyogenic = pharyngitis, cellulits, impetigo. toxigenic = scarlet fever, TSS immunologic = rheumatic fever, acute glomerulonephritis
Novobiocin sensitive Staph epidermidis
novobiocin resistant Staph saphrophyticus
optochin sensitive, bile soluble strep pneumoniae
optochin resistant, bile insoluble viridans strep
bacitracin sensitive GAS (s. pyogenes)
bacitracin resistant GBS (agalactiae)
grows in bile and 6.5% NaCL Enterococcus
Protein A binds Fc-IgG, inhibiting complement fixation and phagocytosis Staph aureus
a superantigen that binds to MHC II and T cell receptor causing polyclonal T cell activation TSST
biofilms Staph epidermidis
Lancet shaped. encapsulated. IgA protease Strep Pneumo
consequence of abs to M protein enchance host defenses against GAS but can give rise to rheumatic fever
detects recent GAS infection ASO titer
screen pregos at 35-37 weeks and give intrapartum penicillin if positive GBS
exotoxin inhibits protein synthesis via ADP ribosylation of EF-2 diptheria toxin
spore forming, obligate anaerobe bacilli Clostridia
blocks glycine and GABA release from renshaw cells in spinal cord C. Tetani
alpha toxin (lecithinase = PL) cause myonecrosis and hemolysis C. Perfringens
Toxin A (enterotoxin) binds to the brush border of the gut C. Diff
Toxin B (cytotoxin) destroys the cytoskeletal structure of enterocytes C. Diff
C. Diff treatment Metronidazole
Black eschar surrounded by edematous ring. Caused by lethal factor and edema factor B. anthracis (cutaneous)
facultative intracellular microbe acquire by ingestion of unpasteurized milk/cheese/deli meets or by vaginal transmission during birth Listeria monocytogenes
tumbling motility and actin rockets Listeria
SNAP Sulfa for nocardia, actinomyces use penicillin
2 forms of hansen's disease Lepromatous (weak T cell immunity, communicable) Tuberculoid (intact T celll response)
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