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Gilmore A-Z: 03-23

Gilmore A-Z Word Test- March 23, 2012

carburetor the part of an engine where air and gasoline mix
dodecahedron a solid shape with 12 faces
estuary an area where fresh water from rivers mixes with salt water from the ocean
fathom (noun) a unit for measuring the depth of water: 1 fathom=6 feet
fathom (verb) cannot understand
guyot a seamount that has been worn away by waves and has a flat top
harpoon a long spear with an attached rope that can be thrown or shot out of a special gun. It is usually used for hunting large fish or whales
ichthyology the zoological study of fishes (zoologocal is the science that deals with animals)
jetty wall made of piling rocks, or other materials which extend into a body of water to protect a harbor or influence the current
keratin fibrous protein which forms the basic substance of nails, hair, horns and hoofs
lathe a machine that holds a piece of wood or metal while turning it against a cutting tool that shapes it
marsupial name for a large group of animals that includes the kangaroo, the koala and the opossum. Females carrty their young in pouches.
nape the back of your neck
oxymoron a short phrase in which the words seem to contradict each other Ex. A wise fool
permafrost a deep subsoil
quasar a massive and extremely remote celestial object, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy( radio waves) and typically having a star like image
respiration the act or process of inhaling and exhaling (breathing)
seethe to be very angry or excited. liquid seethes when it bubbles or boils
tyro novice, or beginner
ulva a green protist that looks like a head of lettuce
volvox green algae plants that looks like bubbles
wry crokked, twisted, askew
yolk the yellow part of an egg
Created by: vish0298