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who founded the monestary atr vicoraro? st ben
what is monastic must work/study/pray
why did people try to poison st ben too strict
who is st bens sister? st scholastica
what did st ben say idless is the enemy of the soul
how are the benidicts different from the benidictines? lecto divina
who was the doctor of the church st thomas aquinas
wht did st thomas a study aristole? to understnad faith
what was st thomas called most learned man
what did st thomas write1 summa theologgiae-collection of essays that blended phylosophy with church teachings
what is faith assurance of things not seen
what is transubstantiation? when bread and wine are changed and christ is present`
what was the medival mass like back thewn
what did the gothic church symbolize upward striving towards god
what was the symbolism in the gothic church? (3 things) 5x priest turns toward people-->5x jesus appear after resurection 3 periods of silence--> 3 days in tomb 3x signs of cross--> 3x jesus was mocked
what is the 3rd commandment keep holy the sabbath
what are the 3 things to do on the lords day refrain from work go to mass day of rest
why is celebrating the mass on sunday important? in mmeory of jesus bc eucharist is the center of our faith
what is the 4th lateran council called the great council that made 70 cannons
what were some of the cannon laws made by the 4th laderan council must reciece eucharist at easterindividually confess sins at penance no priest can confess in penance
who is the blessed juilian a mystic
who is st paul letter to ephicsians saying children of light
cruciform design of a cathedral in form of a cross
transept side of a church stucture that look like a cross
nave central area of the cross
apse sanctuary
chatry chapel place reserved for upperclass
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