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american lit final 1

allusion simple word choice
plain diction simple word choice
rhyme scheme marking the pattern of an end rhyme
Johnathon Edwards book? sinners in the hands of an angry god
ben franklin book? 3 the auto biography poor richards almanack a printers epitaph
patrick henry book? speech at virginia convention
thomas paine book? the crisis #1
who wrote of plymouth plantation? william bradford
what ship did bradoford arrive on? mayflower
what year did william bradford affive in? 1620
what race is william bradford? British
what happened to william bradfords wife dorthy? "fell" off the ship
who became the govener of plymouth for 30 years? william bradford
this was the only surviving account of the mayflower voyage of plymouth plantation
of plymouth plantation reflects ___________? puritan faith/community
of plymouth plantation is in ___________ style? plain
of plymouth plantation is in _________ person 3rd
of plymouth plantation uses __________ allusions biblical
this person was the first women american poet anne bradstreet
anne bradstreet was a puritan from ____________? england
bradstreets poetry was meant for who? her kids
upon our burining house is different because it displays bradstreet's ____________? attachment to her possesions
Jonathon Edwards thought that out god was... angry
Jonathon edwards believed that all humans were..... sinners
this person was a puritan minister in MA Jonathon Edwards
this person wrote "of insects" and "of rainbows" when he/she was 11 years old Jonathon edwards
the witch trials occured in.... (city, state) salem, MA
this was believed to be the devils home the forest
all of the names of the devils captured souls were believed to be kept in.... the black folio or the devils book
sarah cloyse recieved _____________ for repayment for her sisters death three sovereigns
John Hawthorn was also called.... the hanging judge
what is excommuniction elimination someone from the church
a puritan women was also called... good wife
this person anonamously submitted articles to his borthers newspaper benjamin franklin
benjamin franklin first went to ________ to find work but didnt find any so he was instructed to go to _________ and found work there New york; Philladelphia
Benjamin franklin focuses on what when he writes the 13 virrtues
this is the secret name that benjamin franklin went by silence dogood
the specaled ax in the autoniogeaphy is a type of antecdote
what religion was patrick henry diest
where did patrick henry gave his speech? the house of burgesses
what 2 persuasife devices did patrick henry use to convine his audience? 1. repetition 2. rehtorical questions
three famous metaohors that patrick henry uses... 1. lamp of experience 2. the coming storm 3. the chains of slavery
these are 3 comparrisons used in sinners int he hands of an angry god 1. dam breaking 2. storm coming 3. bow and arrow
what religions were thomas paine rationalist and diest
crisis #1 was directed towards who? soldiers
what analogy was used in crisis #1 a thief in your house
crisis #1 was written in a __________ instead of a book pamphlet
these are 3 benefits of a pamphlet cheaper can be carried and reread easier to distribute
who wrote the scarlet letter nathaniel hawthorn
what is the setting of the scarlet letter Boston, MA
what is the theme of the scarlet letter secret sin
what is the lesson learned in the scarelt letter be true
Created by: nikkkkayy