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Constitution Test EQ

Review for upcoming test

Document that sets out the laws and principles of a gov. Constitution
Nation in which voters elect representatives to govern them Republic
Settlement in which each side agrees to give up some of its demands Compromise
To change Amend
Includes the 3/5 compromise Constitution
Kept a journal that was a record of convention Thomas Jefferson
Bill can only be introduced: In Congress
Congress can: appropriate money, declare war, regulate trade
Bills that are vetoed by the president still can become a law if: Congress passes the law with a 2/3 vote
Approves ambassadors, judges, and cabinet members Senate
Before bills are voted on they are discussed in: Committees
Term length for House of Representatives 2 Years
Gathers evidence and brings charges of impeachment House of Representatives
Votes to accept treaties Senate
Bill that president signs have received Majority vote of Congress
Constitution allows: Taxation
Government must follow the same rules for all citizens in trials. due process
president of constitutional convention George Washington
Executive branch includes: President, vice president, cabinet
Executive branch is: headed by president
President must: follow rules in the constitution
President: Enforces the law
Requirements to run for president. 35 years old, natural born citizen, must have lived in US for 14 years
Judicial branch is the court system
Courts must follow rules In Constitution
Courts: interpret the laws
Power of Impeachment House of Representatives
Principal of federalism Power divide between national and sate governments
Approved July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence
Lists power of executive Constitution
"Right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" Declaration of Independence
Sated America was free from the rule of Britain Declaration of Independence
1st level of federal courts with a judge and jury Circuit Courts
Disagreement between state and federal gov, decided by: Supreme Court
Power to nominate Supreme Court Justices President
Length of term for Supreme Court Justice LIFE
Supreme Court decides if laws violate: Constitution
President: has veto power
President can check Power of: Other branches
Jobs of the President: Commander in Chief, Chief of State, Chief Diplomat
Advisers to the president are: The Cabinet
Commander in Chief of Military is: President
President is elected by: Majority vote of electoral college
Power to declare war Congress
Length of term for president 4 years
1st level of federal courts with a judge and jury circuit courts
Number of justices including chief (#) nine
Court decides if laws are: unconstitutional
courts can check power of: other branches
2nd Amendment Right to bear arms
courts settle arguments between: Two states
1st amendment Freedom of speech, press, assembly, petition, religion
4th amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure
5th amendment Right to remain silent, freedom of double jeopardy, due process
6th Amendment Right to a speedy public trial, right to an attorney
8th Amendment No cruel or unusual punishment
9th Amendment rights reserved for the people
10th Amendment rights reserved for the state
13th Amendment slavery abolished
14th Amendment everyone born in US is a citizen
15th Amendment cannot deny the right to vote
19th Amendment women get the right to vote
22nd Amendment limit term of president to 2 terms
26th Amendment 18 yrs old get the right to vote
Includes the Preamble Constitution
Explained reasons why treason was being committed Declaration of Independence
Weak Federal Government Articles of Confederations
"All men are created equal" Declaration of Independence
Had a Bill of Rights added Constitution
Lists wrongs of the King Declaration of Independence
Includes 3 branches of government Constitution
Signed in 1787 Constitution
Amended constitution gives right to vote at age 18
Bill of rights guarantees Speedy trial, freedom of speech, due process of law
Constitution is a living gov. because It can be amended to change with times
"we the people do ordain and establish" Power of constitution comes from the people
author of great compromise Roger Sherman
Shared powers between the states and national gov. Federalism
Gov where people rule Popular sovereignty
first official government in America Articles of Confederations
to reject a bill passed by congress veto
List of Freedoms the gov will protect Bill of Rights
Delegate wanted to make sure Federal Gov. didn't have too much power
Federal gov cannot control trade within a state
Constitution can be changed by Amendments
Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, secure blessing of Liberty Preamble
Which has 435 members House of Representatives
Which has 100 members Senate
first 10 amendments are in: Bill of Rights
Bill becomes a law when: President signs it
After Bills are written they go by: A congressional committee
Term length for Senate 6 years
Requirements to serve in Senate: 30 yrs old, 9 yrs as a citizen, must live in state you represent
Requirements to serve in House of Representatives: 25 yrs old, 7 yrs as a citizen, must live in state you represent
Congress can check power of: Other branches
Congress must follow laws: In Constitution
Main Job of Congress (Legislative Branch is to... make the law
Legislative branch is made up of: Congress (Both House of Representatives and Senate)
To approve Ratify
To charge a high officer with wrong doing Impeach
Proposed law Bill
Father of Constitution James Madison
Wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Ruled Great Britain during the Revolution King George the Third
1st President under the constitution George Washington
City constitution was written in Philadelphia
Congress is made up of: Senate and House of Representatives
Once Impeached the president is tried by: Senate
Created by: 186733