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Science Test Unit 16

Study Guide For Test

Which term means the condition of the atmosphere at a certain place & time? Weather
What is a cloud made of? Water droplets & ice crystals
What are the four parts of the water cycle? Condensation, Precipitation, Runoff, Evaporation
The amount of moisture in the air compared to the maximum air can hold is _____. Humidity
What is Relative Humidity at 100% called? When it is saturated
What instrument measures relative humidity? Psychrometer
The ______ _____ is the temp. at which a gas condenses into a liquid. Dew Point
_______ Clouds- puffy & white with flat bottoms; like cotton balls. they form when warm air rises Cumulous
_______ Clouds- layered clouds that stretch across the sky; cover large areas of the sky & often block out the sun; fog Stratus
______ Clouds- thin, feathery looking clouds made of ice crystals; they form at high altitudes when the wind is strong Cirrus
Write what the following prefixes mean: alto, cirri, & nimbo Alto: indicate middle clouds Cirro: describe clouds that form at high altitudes Nimbo: producing precipitation
Name the 4 types of precipitation rain, sleet, snow, hail
What is the difference between snow & sleet? Sleet- forms when rain freezes in the air & becomes falling ice Snow- water vapor in the cloud turns into an ice crystal without becoming a liquid first
is a huge body of air that temperature & moisture content are constant throughout air mass
What causes changes in weather? Air masses move & meet
where 2 or more air masses meet & don't mix front
an area in the atmosphere that has a lower pressure than the surrounding ares & has winds that spiral toward the center cyclone
the rotation of air around a high pressure center in the opposite of Earth's rotation anticyclone
is an electric discharge between a positively charged area & a negatively charged area lightning
lightning is similar to ____ ________ static electricity
tornadoes happen in only ______% of thunderstorms 1%
About __% of the world's tornadoes occur in the U.S. 75%
What is the single most dangerous thing about a tornado? strong winds
What type of air pressure is involved with tornadoes (low or high)? Low Pressure
Created by: EmCat