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the solar system

word defintion
solar system the sun and all of the planets and other bodies that travel aroundit
parallax an aparent shift in the position of an object when viewed from different locations
orbit the path that a body follows as it travels around another body in space
perihelion the point in the orbit of a planet at which the planet is closest to the sun
aperihelion in the orbit of a planet or other body in the solar system,the point farthest from the sun
plaet esimal a small body from which a planet originated in early stages of devolpment of the solar system
centripetal froce the inward froce required to keep a particle or an object moving in a circul path
terrestrial planet one of the highly dense planets nerest to the sun; mercury, venus, mars,and earth
astronomical unit the average distance between earth and the sun; proximately 150 million kilometers; symbol;au
gas giant a planet that has a deep,massive atmoshpere, such as, jupiter,saturn,urans,or neptune
Oort cloud a spherical region that surounds the solar system,that extends from the kupier belt to almost halfway to the nearst star,and that contains billions of comets
plantary ring a disk of matter that encircles a planet and consists of numerous
drawf planet
comet a small body that gives off gas and dust as it passes close to the sun;a typical comet moves in an elliptical orbit around the sun and is made of dust and frozen gasses
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