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68wm6 p2 Rol Res

Roles and Responsibilites of the 68wm6

What manual describes the roles and responsibilites of the 68wm6? DA PAM 611-21
What is the primary responsibility of the 68WM6? To ensure successful accomplishment of the mission
What is the definition of leadership? Leadership is influencing people, by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization
Which leadership style best describes a leader that takes total control of each situation? Authoritarian leadership
What specifies which skill level 68WM6 is authorized in which positions? Standards of grade authorization
What is the 68wm6 scope of practice? collection of patient data and the implementation of ordered nursing and medical therapies
True or False: One example of peace time VS mobilization scope of practice is that 68wm6 do NOT normally administer blood in the peace time setting. True.
What is the peace time mission of TDA vs TOE hospitals? TDA hospitals have a peacetime mission of providing health care. In most TOE hospitals, the peacetime mission is to train for mobilization.
What are the two powers of leadership? *Explicit *Implied
What are the dynamics of leadership? applying ones power for growth or change
What are communication skills? the ability to establish trusting interpersonal relationships with clients, peers, subordinates, and superiors that maximize goal achievement and enhance the personal growth of all participants
What are problem solving skills? the ability to analyze all sides of a problem, explore multiple options, and work towards a creative solution; the ability to plan, implement, and stabilize change
What are management skills? ability to direct others toward goal; this involves recognition and fostering unique talents and skills of others and matching these with necessary tasks, organizational skills, financial skills, and ability to generate and use resources wisely
What are self evaluation skills? the ability to honestly assess one’s effectiveness and to accept both praise and blame; the ability to direct personal professional growth and development
What are the characteristics of Autocratic leadership? *Known as directive style of leadership *Leader takes total command of all activities *Leader is firm and demanding *Often do not trust others. They believe that people do not want to work. *This may be appropriate in some situations
What are the characteristics of Democratic leadership? *Collaborative or participative style of leadership *This style centered on team building *Democratic leaders more likely to trust others, usually because greater confidence in themselves *Works best with mature employees who work well together.
What are the characteristics of Laissez-Faire leadership? *"Allow them to do" *Because there is no direction or guidance *In laissez-faire system, persons often are confused and unsure of what is expected of them *This style is most effective with highly motivated professional groups
Created by: Shanejqb