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soc 220

society and health midterm

definition of wellness process of moving towards optimal health
definition of health state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
6 dimensions of health and wellness emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social, physical
Emotional wellness requires understanding emotions and coping with problems that arise in everyday life
Intellectual Wellness having open mind to new ideas/concepts
Spiritual wellness state of harmony between you and others
Occupational wellness being able to enjoy what you are doing to earn a living or to contribute to society
Social Wellness ability to preform social roles effectively, comfortably and without harming others
Physical Wellness health body maintained by eating right, exercising regularly, avoiding harmful habits, making informed and responsible decisions about health, seeking medical care when needed, and participating in activities that help to prevent illness
definition of health protective behavior individual actions taken to protect, promote, or maintain health
definition of prescriptive tasks we participate in to prevent ill health
definition of proscriptive tasks you avoid to prevent ill health
definition of macro health behavior social/structural conditions that have a direct impact on individual health behaviors (availability of products, physical structures/characteristics of products, social structures and policies, media and cultural messages)
definition of micro health behavior personal choices regarding health behaviors
definition: theory of reason action intention or motivation to preform a behavior precedes actual performance of that behavior (w/o being motivated, individual will not participate)
Health locus of control: internal select behaviors and expect a positive outcome, these people are more likely to engage
Health locus of control: external consider health status will be caused by luck/change/fate; feel powerless over their own health
Multidimensional Basis of HPB Very small intercorrelations (just because you participate in one does not mean you participate in others)
definition: health belief model explains why health individuals adopt preventative health behaviors
Factors of health belief model 1)susceptible to a particular health problem 2) problem is serious, 3) adopting preventable measures will reduce their risks significantly/benefits of taking action , 4) must not perceive any significant barriers to doing so and recognize cues to action
definition: agency individual choice vs. society
definition: structure societal forces that limit the choices that individual feels they have available to them
definition: Social Determinants of Health The economic, social, cultural and physical conditions that contribute to or detract from the health of an individual or community
manufacture of illness in movie availability of drugs by big Pharm and Pepsi Cola availability of Mountain Dew
definition: manufacturer of illness groups that promote illness-causing behaviors and social conditions,
definition: community health activities directed toward bettering the health of the public, or making resources available to members of the community
definition: public health practice of health promotion or disease prevention at the population level
Goals of public health health promotion (focus on actions designed to maintain current health status), disease prevention (focus on defense actions taken to fend off specific diseases/consequences)
Who is Responsible for Public Health CDC, US Public Health Service, Regina Benjamin (surgeon general)
definition: Health Literacy learning how to evaluate health information
functional literacy: basic level, ability to read signs ect
critical literacy critical thinking skills; ability to assess/evaluate info for credibility
changes that make health literacy more difficult 1) amount of information, 2) healthcare system for paternalistic to partnership model, 3) diverse cultural backgrounds
Transtheoretical Model precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, termination
Common strategies for changing health behavior shaping, visualization, modeling, controlling the situation, reinforcement/changing self talk
definition: antecedence settings for behavior, stimulate you to act a certain way
Behaviors that must be understood in order to change bad habits 1) predisposing factors, 2) enabling factors 3) reinforcing factors
definition: PTSD anxiety disorder which can occur after one has been through a traumatic event
PTSD vs. Post-Traumatic Stress PTSD: lasts 4 weeks or longer
Emotions in PTSD anger most common
Symptoms of PTSD reliving event/triggers, avoidance, feeling numb, hyper arousal/hyper stimulation
Created by: kallenpoole