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Tch Science Elem

Teaching Science in Elementary Vocab

forming new schemata or splitting off new schemata to accommodate new information accommodation
enlarging schemata with new information assimilation
a state of mental uncertainty about the explanation of an occurrence cognitive disequilibration
a state of mental satisfaction cognitive equilibration
finding ways items can be arranged in sequence combinatorial reasoning
a state of cognitive development in which people think in terms of concrete objects concrete operational stage
the notion that people build their own knowledge and representations of new information from their own experience constructivism
finding the extent to which the changes in one variable are associated with changes in another variable correlational reasoning
a solid of a regular shape that has a regularly repeating internal arrangement of atoms; formed by the solidification of a chemical compound crystal
pouring off the top liquid without disturbing the lower layers decant
an event that is at variance with what is expected discrepant event
the great circle of the celestial sphere that is the apparent path of the sun among stars ecliptic
pertaining to one's self egocentric
a state og cognitive development in Piagetian theory in which people think in abstract terms formal operational stage
the scientific process of identifying variables that bear on a hypothesis and keeping all of those variables constant except the one being experimented with isolation and control of variables
an iron ore mineral that is a natural magnet lodestone
nerve; a single elongated cell that is the basic unit of the nervous system neuron
the study of the functions and activities of living things physiology
an insoluble substance separated from a solution by a chemical or physical change precipitate
an early stage of cognitive development in Piagetian theory applicable to children in preschool and early school years preoperational stage
finding probabilities of events occurring probabilistic reasoning
comparing relationsihps between variables proportional reasoning
a solution that contains the maximum solute possible under existing conditions saturated
adjustment of the amount of teacher or peer guidance to fit the student's current performance level scaffolding
a cognitive structure schemata (singular: schema)
the earliest stage of human cognitive development in Piagetian theory sensorimotor stage
a substance dissolved in a solution solute
a homogeneous mixture solution
a substance that can dissolve something solvent
the point at which a nerve impulse passes from one neuron to another snapse
a conclusion correctly deduced from the evidence validity
the range of learning activities that are too difficult for children to master alone but that can be learned with guidance and assistance from teachers and peers zone of proximal development (ZPD)
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