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Med. Interventions

Medical Interventions Exam Qs

What is a medical intervention? Any measure whos purpose is to improve the health or alter the course of the disease
What is an outbreak? A sudden rise in the incidence of a disease
What is IgG responsible for? Memory
Two ways Antibodies work to prevent infection Cell wall synthesis (commonly used) Protein Synthesis
Antibiotic inhibition test Used to measure the zone of no growth on the Kirby Bower disk
Bioinformatics The use of computers and math to store and analyze information
How do bacteria exchange DNA? Plasmids exchange DNA through the pilli
Qualitative Quantitative Yes/No Determining the quality
Tinnitus Ringing in ears
Presbycusis Loss of hearing that gradually occurs because of changes in the inner ear as individuals grow older
Otosclerosis Hardening in your ear
Meiners Disease Change in the fluid value withing the ear. Causes dizziness snd loss of balance.
Vertigo Dizziness and Motion Sickness
Active and Natural Coming down with the measles
Passive and Artificial Injection of HIV Antibodies
Active and Artificial Injection of Hepatitis Virus
Passive and Natural A newborn who is breastfed
Plasmid A circular, double stranded unit of DNA that replicated within a cell. Plasmids are created as a vector to exchange DNA
Single Gene Ressesive Diseases that can be cured with gene therapy. Ex.Cystic Fibrosis
Multifactoral Genetic Disorder Diseases that may become worse due to your lifestyle Ex. Cancer
Karyotype Chromosome Map
Nucleoid The Bacteria's DNA
Ribosomes Translate the genetic message in messenger DNA
Cell Membrane Allows things to enter and blocks things from entering the cell
Flagella Used for movement
Pilli Allow bacteria to attach to other cells
Antibody An antigen bonding immunoglobin, produced by b cells, that functions as an immune response
Conjugation The one-way transfer of DNA between bacteria in cellular contact
Transduction The transfer of genetic material from one organism to another by a genetic vector
Substrate The reactant on which an enzyme works
Antigen A foreign macromolecule that does not belong to the host organism and elicts an immune response
Primer A molecule whose presence is required for formation of another molectule
Recombinant DNA A dna molecule made in vitro with segments from different sources
DNA Ligase A linking enzyme essential for DNA replication and recombinant DNA techniques
Taq Polymerase A DNA synthesis enzyme that can withstand the hightemperatures of DNA
Denaturation In DNA, the separation of two strands of the double helix
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism One base-pair variation in the genome sequence
Genome The complement of an organisms genes; an organisms gentic material
Genotype The genetic makeup of an organism
Phenotype The physical and physiological traits of an organism
Anneal To be capable of combining with complementary nucleic acid by a process of heating and cooling
Retrovirus infect dividing cells, can integrate into a place where it disrupts a gene
Adenovirus will not integrate into host cell genome, can cause immune response
Herpes Simplex Virus Infects Nervous System Cells
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