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Peter and the star catchers

What is the main characters name?CH-1 Peter
Whats the name of the ship that they were going on? The Never Land
What happened to Alf when he touched the second trunk? CH -2 He felt relaxed,he felt warmth runnig through his to his whole body , he smelled wonderful things and he saw colors ,sparles and heard bells.
who was the first Officer? Slank
Who did Peter meet on the ship? Ch-3 Molly Aster
What unusual B'day rule does Molly's family go by? They only celebrate even Numbered Birthdays
How did king Zarboff's Father die? He got eaten by his son's pet snake.
Who was the Black Stache? Ch - 4 The Captain of the ship Sea Devil
What did he want? The treasure on the ship called The Wasp
What did Peter and his brothers get to eat? Ch-5 LIVE worms. They also got a bonus food which was a rat.
What was the name of the Captain of The Neverland? Captain Pembridge
After the Black Stache saw the wasp with his glass,what did he want instead of the Wasp's treasure? Ch - 6 The Wasp itself.
Did Peter and his brothers actually eat the live worms? chapter 7 Yes
what unusual did Peter see in an unknown room? A rat hovering in the air with no string.
What was the first good food that Peter and his brother ate? A loaf of bread from Molly.
How did Preston and Harbuckle get rescued from being stranded in the ocean? Ch - 8 Peter saw them and he told the other sailor.
What boat did Preston and Harbuckle come from? ch - 9 The Seadevil. They lied that they were in the Marcelle- a ship.
Who is the Sea Devil's crew chief. ch-10 Storey
Who did Molly meet and did she try to talk to them? ch - 11 She met porpoises and yes she tried to talk them with clicks an squeaks.
Did anyone find out about what Molly was doing? Ch - 12 Yes, Peter and his brother James
Did Molly's dad get the message ? ch - 13 Yes
Who was the Wasp's captain? Captain Scott
who was helping Peter get into the trunk in an unknown room in the Never land Ship? Ch - 14 Alf.
What was Aster's ( Molly's dad) plan to save the wasp and it's treasure?Ch - 15 It was to put himself and the treasure inside a dory.
what was the new message that the porpoise told molly?Ch - 16 ''Bad man hunt molly ship''
what was the new name of the wasp after it was taken over by the Sea Devil?Ch - 17 The Jolly Roger
How did Peter and Alf get past the new gaurd of the unknown room? CH - 18 Peter filled a jar full of whiskey and dumped it in his grub. Then he gave it to the gaurd and in an hour the gaurd fell asleep.
What did Stache compare the wind to?Ch-19 A witch's broom
Who was Molly? Ch - 20 A starcatcer.
What did the Sea Devil's Crewmen change into to dis guise themselves in the Wasp? Ch - 21 British naval uniforms.
What came over the Never Land during it's voyage? Ch - 22 A storm.
What do they mean when they say any minute now? Ch - 23 they mean that the Jolly Roger (Wasp) are going to fight with the Never Land for the treasure.
What was Molly's plan to save the treasure? Ch - 24 throwing the trunk overboard.
Did Slank tell the Blackstache where the trunk is? Ch -25 No
What happened to peter in ch - 26? He got thrown off a deck.
Why didn't Peter die? When he was about to hit the ocean the lead porpoise Ammm put his beak up and pushed Peter into the air. Surprisingly he started to fly.
what happened after that? Amm taught Peter how to fly correctly.
What did the Black stache think was impossible? ch - 27 that the boy who was thrown overboard by slank came back on the ship but floating.
what did Peter do in ch - 28? He pushed the trunk overboard.
WHo did the black stache take? Ch - 29 Little Richard, Mrs.Bumbrake and Slank
in chapter 30 who saved peter after he lost his flying ability?ch - 30 Molly.
After peter lost grip where did he end up? ch - 31 in a lagoon.
what did he find at the lagoon? Ch - 31 the trunk
Who saved Peter's brothers from drowning on the Never Land? Ch - 32 Alf. He put them in a dory.
Who did they find behind them when they needed help? Alf.
where did the jolly roger land?ch - 33 on the island where alf and peter's little brother were.
who did molly and peter see on the top of a mountain in a lagoon ? Ch - 34 They saw peter'd brother and alf and not too far away the jolly roger.
What happened when Alf and the boys went inside the jungle on the island? ch - 35 Everybody got lost and James was all alone.
What did Peter hear instesd of english language in the forest? Ch - 36 Grunts and clicks.
what did Stache want to do with Peter? Ch - 37 kill him
What was happening to the fish near the trunk? Ch - 38 The were turning more human like.
How did Stache and little Richard get out of the boat? Ch - 39 Little Richard bonked the gaurds on the head to knock them out.
Where were the 3 boys and Alf? Ch - 40 Captured by savages.
Did Peter and Molly see the boys and alf? Ch - 41 Yes
what was the old Savage's name? Ch - 43 Fighting Prawn
What happened to Peter when he was about to throw a rock at the savages in Ch - 44 A savage took it from him and put him with the other boys.
What was Stache planning to do with the savages? Ch - 45 Fight with them.
Were the savages actually savages? ch - 46 NO. But yes to visitors
what was Little Richard afraid of? Ch - 42 spiders
what were the savages going to do to them? Ch - 46 Feed them to Mr.Grin.
What did Little Richard and Slank see? Ch - 47 Mermaids.
who was mister grin? ch - 48 a native of mollusk
Were the mermaids good or evil to Slank and little Richard? Ch - 49 Evil
What color were the eyes of Mr. Grin?Ch- 50 Red
What did a girl scream out?Ch -51 Bird
What was Mr. Grin actually?Ch - 52 A 25-30ft approx crocodile
What did Captain stache see?Ch - 53 A flying crocodile
What happened when little Richard touched the trunk?Ch - 54 All his wound were gone.
How did Peter, his brothers and Molly get out of the cage?Ch -55 They flew out
What was slank? ch - 56 A starcatcher
Who did peter, molly and his brother meet? ch - 57 Ammm
What did stache tell a few of his crewmates to do? ch - 58 To split up report back when they see something.
What was Ammm's meesage? Ch-59 Molly's father is coming.
what happened when slank looked back at the wounded mermaid?Ch - 60 It was gone
What did one of the crewmates report back to stache? cH- 61 They saw a flying longboat.
What did peter do when he didn't see molly and Ammm waiting for him at the bay?Ch - 62 He just went down himself
What happened when slank fell off the Longboat?ch - 63 He felt the bottom of the lagoon.
How did peter help the wounded Mermaid? ch - 64 He used the locket that Molly gave him .
what was molly thinking when she went to the shore of the beach?ch - 65 where is peter?
how did molly didge slank's knife? ch - 67 with a coconut.
What deal did Slank set up with pETER?CH - 68 You give me the trunk and I wont kill any of your friends.
Did Peter accept? yes he accepted.
What does Reprieve mean?
What happened to the Pirate that stache threw off? ch - 69 They were standing in the water bec, it was so shallow.
How did Slank trick peter?ch - 70 He kidnapped Molly instead of giving her back.
What was stache talking about to his crew? ch - 71 He was bragging about how good he is ,like without me you all be dead.
What did slank want to do? Ch - 72 He wanted to command the world once he kill all the starcatchers.
How did Molly and peter defeat slank? ch - 72 Peter send the mermaids to push the dory the slank was in, far away into the ocean.
Where did peter hide the starstuff after he took it out of the chest?Ch - 73 In the golden box.
Who did they finally meet after long time? ch - 74 Molly's father
What sad and happy did he learn fron Leonard? ch-75 That he could fly forever but he will always stay as a boy.
Who appeared right when the Mollusks were going to take the golden box?ch - 76 Stache
What happened when stache was right about to stab peter in the heart?ch - 77 Peter jumped and stache stabbed fighting prawn in the chest.
What happened in the dory?Ch - 78 Staches hand fell off and mr. grin ate it.
How did peter save fighting prawn? He poured some starstuff on to his wound and it got healed.
What did the mollusk treat everybody with? ch - 79 Smoked fish, luscious tropical fruits served on glossy green leaves, gourds of cool water and coconut meat right from the shell,
What did peter get as a gift from Leonard( molly's dad)? A fairy which made bell noises.
How did the island Peter was staying on get named as neverland? While he was looking for wood to make fire he found a board which was from the wreck of the ship Neverland.
Who else stayed with peter on the island forever? His brothers and the fairy whose duty was to watch over peter.
Created by: akbasu
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