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Asia Content Test

all study guide questions and answers

What happened at the democratic protest in Tiananmen Square? College students, business workers etc. protested the Chinese government and the military massacred the innocent protestors and other civilians
Why didn't the US get involved after hearing reports of Tiananmen Massacre? Because China was a nuclear power and they had advantage in numbers
The video referred to "Two Chinas." What does this mean? It means that China had a communist government and a capitalist economic system
How has the Chinese government attempted to control rapid population growth? What are some positive and negative effects? they created the One Child Policy. Some positives are the population would decrease to a more manageable level instead of continuing to increase. some negatives are mothers would abort girls so their would be an abundance of males
Why are males more valued in Chinese society? because they are more strong (source of labor for subsistence farming) and also when a woman is married she moves in with the husband's family so then the parents would be left alone without support as they age
Which political and economic union unites this region? Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Japan is known as the land of the ______ sun which China is known as the land of the _______ sun Japan= land of the rising sun China= land of the setting sun
What river is holy to the Hindus? How might Westerners view this river? The Ganges and Westerners see this as a very polluted river
What is an archipelago? Provide an example. it is a group of islands. for example, Indonesia
What does the US call Mynamar? Why? The US calls it Burma because that is its official colonialized name and we do not recognize it's change in name
Which two countries straddle Asia and Europe? Russia and Turkey
Traveling to Siberia and transporting goods to and from the region was made exceedingly difficult. What changed this? Trans-Siberian RR
How can per capita GDP be misleading? because there is such a wide spectrum between the rich and poor so the number you see is not necessarily an accurate view of the per capita GDP
What is the difference between ethnic and universal regions? you are born into ethnic religions and universal religions are all over the world
How do mountains support settlement? they are a constant source of water, rainfall, and they carry rich soil to the valleys and coastal plains
What created the Himalayas? the convergence of two tectonic plates
What is aquaculture? the raising and harvesting of fish from stocked ponds. lakes and streams
What are Special Economic Zones? Where are they located? they are zones designed to start businesses, create jobs and bring modern technology to China (have laws most like capitalism). they're located along China's southern border
Describe the level of economic development in Asia developing or middle income
Which two cities did the US bomb to end WWII? What role did Japanese culture play in the use of these bombs? Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
How do many Japanese view the decision to drop the bombs today? they believe that it saved lives because the bombings ended the war and if the war kept going then even more people would die. so they were pretty much thankful that we dropped the bombs
Who colonized Asia? Great Britain, France, Dutch, Portugal and the US
What Asian country was our colony? Which one did we tempoarily occupy> The Philippines. we temporarily occupied Japan
What effects did massive population growth have on this country? famine, strain on the environment/infrastructure, poverty, over-fishing, deforestation etc.
Why did the peasants support the cultural revolution? they could now control their own businesses and landowners' land would be redistributed to the poor (which was 90% of the population at the time)
What was life like for the educated Chinese during the cultural revolution? they were targeted by the gov't because they were possible threats to overthrow the system
How did the cultural revolution impact it's economy? it set them back economically
What is a DMZ? Why was one created on the Korea peninsula? it is a Demilitarized Zone that splits the peninsula into north and south korea. this acts as a buffer zone between the peninsula
Why might South Koreans fear re-unification with North Koreans? they don't want to become a communist society
Explain the importance of the Mekong River to the region Laos is a landlocked country so the river is their only source of water, food, transportation, fertile soil etc.
Explain the significance of the Mongol empire. the empire created a lot of cultural interchange and also they were the most amazing group of warriors the group had ever seen
Why did the US struggle to win the Vietnam War? because we were not as adapted to the land and they had advantage in numbers
What actions has China taken to maintain their control of Tibet? they sent thousands of troops over, martial law and repression of the people
What is an ideogram and why would this help communication? they are graphical symbols. this helps communication because they represent an idea rather than groups of letters so people could get the point that was trying to be made
What two things have impacted the air quality in China? Loess and factories are producing too much pollution
Why was the Great Wall built? Why was it unsuccessful? it was built to keep the Mongols out and keep the Chinese in. it failed because people still got over
Why were the Terra Cotta warriors built? to protect the first emperor of the Qin empire
What is a pagoda? why are they found near temples? pagodas are towers with many stories built as a memorial. they are sort of like lightning rods because they are high and would burn down instead of the temple
How has the physical geography helped or hindered the development of China? rivers are sources of food, water, transportation etc. pacific and indian ocean are like "highways of trade". on the other hand, mountains block trade and cultural movement/ difficult terrain and a lot of asia is part of the ring of fire
What is a yurt? where would you find one? yurts are rural areas that can be very cold. you can find them commonly in central asia
Where would you find thatched-roof homes? in the tropical areas surrounding the pacific and indian oceans
What is the name of the temple in Cambodia whose name means "city temple?" Angkor Wat
What are floating markets, and why are they common in asia? floating markets are where merchandise is sold from boats. this is common in asia because there is an abundance of navigable rivers and also because they are great tourist attractions
What conflicts currently plague Asia? china vs. taiwan and india vs. pakistan
Japan doesn't have many raw materials. Despite this, it is an industrialized and developed nation. How can this be? they have very strong trading relations and they use space very efficiently
How does the Asian work ethic differ from the American work ethic? Japanese students are taught to succeed for the good of society while american students are taught for individual gain
What causes suicide rate increases in Japan? there is a tremendous amount of pressure on students to do well in school and if they do poorly (or worse then they wanted to) on the test to get into university they are so ashamed they result to suicide
What is Japan's most valued resource? their human resources
Why is Japan a culture anomaly? (inconsistent, irregular, with exception) Japan was the only Asian colonizer
Name at least 2 cultural traits that have infused into Japanese society they take in ideas from other countries and they copy them but make them better. also, failure is NOT an option in whatever you do
Which economic system is used in Japan? capitalistic economy
Explain the difference between modern and traditional culture in Japan well their religion is very traditional and family oriented, not very open to change. and (typically) the younger kids who are growing up in their society today are more vulnerable to western culture and going against the grain so this creates conflict
Why is it possible for students in Japan to clean the school without worrying about their peers ruining their work?q because the class works as a unit and every one will clean eventually you will too so you wouldn't want other people to be dirty when you're cleaning (and vise versa)
In what ways was Japanese culture shown during the response to the 2011 tsunami? the elders helped because they had "already lived" and knew they were going to die. this is just an example of the country's high motivation of all generations
Japanese high schools separate students by their grades. What are the two types of high schools? one high school leads directly to universities and the other high school leads directly to some sort of occupation
Why did dynastic China come to an end? mainly because of globalization
What are the opium wars? how did that influence Western interaction, or lack there of, in China? the opium wars were the illegal drug trafficking of opium between china and the UK. The British crushed the Chinese gov't and forced them to open up trade between them
What was China like during and after Mao? during Mao- getting rid of past (cultural revolution) and high increase in wealth. after mao- economy plateaued and hygiene/heath greatly improved
what are positive changes that mao made to china? he increased the country's wealth
How did Hong Kong and Macao develop? through European trading posts
Why didn't Europeans colonize Asia in the same way they did Africa and Latin America? it was a different time period so the Europeans were looking for different things and also asia was already developed
How does Confucianism support communism? do not ever question your leader
How can a strong China be good for the United States? we are trading partners and it would be beneficial to both countries if it was a reliant alliance
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