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109 Ch. 55,56

Skin/Skin Disorders

What are fx of skin protection, homeostasis, heat regulate, sensory, Vit D production, immune fx, appearance
what are keratinocytes keratin protein barrier repels pathogens, holds h2o, cells replaced q 28d
What are merkel cells basal layer of epi, touch receptors, dev cancer, highly malignant
what are Langerhans cells scatter in epi, made in bone, role of cutaneous immune response
what is contained in dermis highly vascular/collagen/elastin, blood vsls, nerves, lymph, glands
apocrine/eccrine sweat, pheromone glands/reg body temp
how does skin age smooth, less oily, non stink to stink, oily to thin wrinkled, spotty
what are actinic keratoses chronic sun exposure, fair complexion
benign neoplasm seborrheic keratoses, cherry angiomas, skin tags, actinic keratoses
what is chief complaint of skin assessment pruritus antibiotic itching- chest/back most likely to appear
what are mongolian spots blue/black on sacrum/buttocks, african am, asian
what is pseudofolliculitis ingrown hair
Primary skin lesions macule, wheal, vesicle, bulla, papule, cyst, pustule, nodule, tumor
Secondary skin lesions change w/ time erosion, scar, ulcer, keloid, fissure, scales, atrophy, crust, lichenification
vascular skin lesions petechia, ecchymosis, venous star, spider angioma, cherry angioma
Terms: confluent merging together
discrete separate from other lesions
satellite single lesion close to lg grouping
zosteriform bandlike along dermatome area(nerve)
Only way to know malignancy wtih skin biopsy
Five rules of skin wound care 1. categorization 2. selection 3.change 4.evolution 5. practice
purpose of wet dressings reduce inflammation, clean skin of exudates/crusts, maintain drainage, promote healing
Occlusive dgs protect, kept air tight, tegaderm
moisture retentive dgs better at removing exudate, change 12-24hrs, hydrogels(90% h2o, for high serous output), hydrocolloids (water impermeable), Ca alginate(deep wounds, heavy drainage)
What are three types of collaborative skin carea phototherapy radiation therapy - equal to surgery, good for older, debilitated, eyelids/nose/canthal Laser tech: new
three diff skin infections bacterial(pyodermas): impetigo viral: herpes 1/2 fungal: ringworm
Impetigo medical mgmt antibiotics, honey colored crust, contagious
what is MDP Maxillofacial death pyramid nose/mouth area that wounds can lead to brain encephalitis/abscess
what are folliculitis infection of hair follicles, af. am, staph
what are furuncles acute inflammation in hair follicle and spreads, bump gets bigger
what are carbuncles high fever and "walling off" of infection. Diabetes or hematologic malignancies
what is tinea pedis athlete's foot Mgmt: soak foot, keep clean, dry topical antifungals
what is tinea corporis Tinea capitis tinea cruris tinea unguium ringworm of body ringworm of scalp ringworm of groin(jock itch) ringworm of nails
skin disorder exfoliative dermatitis peeling skin
pemphigus blisters that drip tx: corticosteroids/immunosuppressants
Stevens Johnson Syndrome can be fatal, triggered by reaction to med or viral inf. Sore!
interventions for skin disorders oral hygiene, cool mist humidified air, monitor for hypothermia, fluid intake
Benign tumors of skin cysts, seborrheic keratoses(wartlike), keloids, moles
skin cancer sun exposure
types of skin cancer basal cell carcinoma- most common, rarely metastisize Squamous cell- can metastasize
risk factors for skin cancer fair skin, living near equator, smoking, exposure to arsenicals, outdoor jobs
what is most common malignant condition melanoma- 40%
what is ABCDE rule of assessment A-asymmetry B-border irregularity C-color, change D-diam 6mm or more(near metastasis E- Evolving/changing
where do women tend to get malignant melanoma? men? W:lowers legs & back M: trunk, head, neck
What is most important prognostic factor wtih malignant melanomas tumor thickness at time of dx
If melanoma is in situ what is prognosis nearly 100% curable, not so in stage IV
Type of skin grafts free grafts(epi/derm), autograft(self), isograft(twin, only one allograft will not reject), allograft(cadaver) xenograft(pig), split thickness, full thickness
what is a type of skin graft that allows blood flow skin flaps, pedicle
what is risk for new skin graft risk of tear, so immobilization
Cosmetic surgery techniques chemical face peel, dermabrasion, facial reconstruction, face lift(rhytidectomy)
what are three types of laser tx argon, CO2, pulse-dye laser
what is argon blue/green light to tx vascular lesions (port-wine stains)
what is carbon dioxide laser tx good for bleeding disorders
what is pulse dye laser tx good for tx cutaneous vascular lesions like port wine, telangiectasia
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