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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 28

QUINTUS fifth (L)
SEXTUS sixth (L)
SEPTIMUS seventh (L)
OCTAVUS eighth (L)
NONUS ninth (L)
DECIMUS tenth (L)
ELEKTRON amber (L)
quintuplet one-fifth of five offspring born at the same birth
quintet group of five musicians or singers; music written for such a group
sext sixth canonical hour of the day; noon
siesta (spanish) an afternoon nap or rest
sextant a navigation tool with an arc which is 1/6 of a circle
septuplet one of the seven babies born at one birth
Septuagesima Sunday the seventieth day before Easter; third Sunday before Lent
September seventh month of the old Roman calendar
Octavius family name of AugustusCaesar
octave series of eight notes in music
October eighth month of old Roman calender
nonagon a polygon having 9 angles and 9 sides
nones (Christian church) the ninth hour after sunrise; the devotional service performed then.
noon 12:00; midday
decimal system base ten number system
Dewey Decimal System system for classifying library books
dime 10 cent coin; one-tenth of a dollar
electricity a fundamental natural entity of negative and positive kinds; observable in attraction or repulsion of bodies and in natural phenomena such as lightning or aurora borealis
electric relating to or operated by electricity
electron elementary particle consisting of a negative charge of electricity
Created by: LiseBrinkley