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AB Ch 10

Bacteria unicellular
Benefits break down harmful chemicals, change lactose into lactic acid
Harm spots on plants
Binary Fission One cell produces two, DNA is copied before, loops separate,
DNA and copy attach to membrane
Shape Spirilli, Bacilli, Cocci
Vaccines prevent viral infections
Nitrogen Fixation change nitrogen into a form usable by plants
Viruses no cytoplasm, have genetic material, can not live on their own, cause colds and
Flu, only reproduce in a host
Lysogenic viral genetic material is inactive
Antibiotics kill bacteria
Genetic engineering plants resistant to bacteria
Antiviral medicine stop viruses from reproducing
Prokaryote / Eukaryote
Archaebacteria live where no other organisms can
Methane makers live in swamps and intestines
Heat lovers live in geysers
Salt loving live in high salt concentrations
Eubacteria most common bacteria
Bioremediation clean up leaks
Endospores give clues about the past, thick walled protective spore
Pathogenic – cause disease
Flagella hairlike structure to help bacteria move
Cyanobacteria contain chlorophyll
Decomposers eat dead organisms
Consumers eat other organisms
Created by: evroman
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