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Repiratory meds covered up to date

What is the Trade Name(s) for Albuterol? Proventil, Ventolin
What is the Class for Albuterol? Bronchodialator, Beta Agonist
What is the Action of Albuterol? Binds and stimulates beta 2 receptors (results in bronchial smooth muscle relaxation.
What is the Indications for Albuterol? Asthma, Bronchitis with bronchiospasm, and COPD.
What are the Adverse Effects of Albuterol? Hyperglyciemia, Hypokalemia, palpatations, Tachycardia, anxiety, tremor, Nausua/Vomiting, Angioedema, sensitivity.
What is the Nebulized Dosage of Albuterol? 2.5-5mg every 20 min. 3 dose max
What is the MDI dose of Albuterol? 4-8 puffs every 1-4 hours
What is the Generic name for Xopenex? Levalbuterol (generic name)
What is the Class of Levalbuterol? Beta Agonist
Stimulates Beta 2 receptors is the action of what medication Levalbuterol(Xopenex) Action
What are the Indications of Levalbuterol? Acute Bronchospasm or brochospasm prophylaxis in asthma patients.
Hyperglycimia,Hypokalemia, palpitations,tachycardia, anxiety,tremors,N/V, Hypertenstion, and headache are the adverse effects of what medication? Levalbuterols adverse effects
What are the contraindications of levalbuterol? Angioedema, sensitivity
What is the dosage and route of Levalbuterol(Xopenex)? Nebulizer: 1.25mg to 2.5mg every 20 min for 3 doses.
What is the Generic name for Atrovent? Ipratropium Bromide
Atrovent has what classification? Bronchodilator, anticholernergic.
Ipratropium Bromide has what action? Antagonizes the acetycholine receptor on the bronchial smooth muscle
What are the Indications for Ipratropium Bromide? Asthma, Bronchospasm associated with COPD
Paradoxial acute brochospasm, cough, headache, dizziness, and palpitations are the adverse effects of what medications? Ipratropium Bromide (atrovent) adverse effects
what are the contraindications of Ipratropium Bromide? Closed angle glocoma, bladder neck obstruction,prostatic hypertrophy, sensitivity to peanuts,soybeans or atropine
What is the dosage of Atrovent? Adult dose is 0.5mg nebulized every 6-8 hours
What is the Trade Name for Methylprednisolone? Solu-Medrol
What is the action of Methylpredisolone(Solu-Medrol)? Reduces Inflamation by multiple mechanisms.
Anaphalaxis, COPD, and Asthma are the Indications of what medication? Methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol)
What are the Adverse effects of Solu-Medrol? Depression, euphoria, headache, restlessness, hypertension,bradycardia, Naseua/vomiting,swelling, weakness,paralsthesias.
What is the contraindications of Methelprednisolone? Cushings syndrome, fungal infection, measles, varicella, sensitivity (sulfates)
What is the dosage for Solu-medrol? Adult Dose Asthma/COPD 40mg-80mg IV
What is the Generic name for Racepinephrine? Racimic Epinephrine
What is the classification of Racimic Epinephrine? Bronchodilator, Adrenergic agent
What Action Does Racepinephrine have? Stimulates alpha and beta receptors, causing vasoconstriction, reduced mucosal edema, and brochodilation
What is the indications for Racimic Epinephrine? Brochial asthma and croup
What are the Adverse Effects of Raceprinephrine? Anxiety,dizziness,tremors, palpitations,tachycardia, arrhythmias,Hypertension, Nausea/vomiting.
What is the contraindications of Racimic Epinephrine? Glaucoma,elderly,cardiac disease,hypertension,thyroid disease,diabeates,sensitivity to sulfates
What is the dosage of Raceprinephrine? Adult dose 11.25mg in 3mL nebulizer
What is the Classification of Solu-Metrol? corticosteroid
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