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Marine ecology

What type of substances are recycled through the ecosystem? examples? carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, S, P
All organic compounds contain the element_____Plants take in this element and form of ____ and produce _____________. Animals take in the element by eating plants Carbon Co2 carbohydrates eating plants
What element is crucial for cellular respiration oxygen
Plants release oxygen into the atmosphere by splitting_____ during _________. (process) h20 photosynthesis
List 4 important proteins hemoglobin enzymes myoglobin hormones
List the main elements that combine to form proteins Carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen
Animals and plants can only use nitrogen in the form of ________ nitrates
What is nitrogen fixation process of producing nitrates from N gas (bacteria)
What is ATP?` Adensonine triphosphate- stores energy
What is DNA? deoxyribose nucleic acid (blue print)
What element is crucial in making tap and dan? P
What are some sources of phosphates for marine life? rocks on land; sediments, decaying material
What is most of the life concentrated in the shallow areas? Give some examples of productive coastal environments? More nutrients with sunlight...... california coast, peru, antartica, gulf of mexico
Created by: murphy1717