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Ovid Pygmalion vocab

concha, conchae, f. a bi-valve shell, a mussel-shell
lapillus, lapilli, m. a pebble
volucris, volucris, m./f. bird
flos, floris, m. blossom, flower
lilium, lilii, n. lily
pila, pilae, f. a ball
gemma, gemmae, f. a jewel, gem, precious stone
monile, monilis, n. a necklace, collar
baca, bacae, f. a small fruit, berry, olive
redimiculum, redimiculi, n. a necklace
quia because
Pygmalion, Pygmalionis, m. Pygmalion
offensus, offensa, offensum offended
vitium, vitii, n. vice, sin
femineus, feminea, femineum feminine
caelebs, caelibis unmarried, single
consors, consortis, m./f. partner, wife
niveus, nivea, niveum snowy, snow-white
mirus, mira, mirum wonderful
feliciter favorably, successfully
sculpo. sculpere, sculpsi, sculptus to scilt, carve
ebur, eboris, n. ivory
reverentia. reverentiae, f. respect, reverence
simulo, simulare, simulavi, simulatus to imitate, copy
tempto, temptare, temptavi, temptatus to try, test
insido, insidere, insedi, insesses to sink into
livor, livoris, m. bruise
blanditia, blanditiae, f. flattery
abhibeo, abhibere, abhibui, adhibitus to bring to, hold, toward
puella, puellae, f. girl
teres, teretis smooth, round
Heliades, Heliadum the Heliades, daugthers of Helios
orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatum to adorn, decorate
formosus, formosa, formosum beautiful
conloco, conlocare, conlocavi, conlocatus to arrange
Sidonis, Sidonis Sidonian
appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatus to call
adclino, adclinare, adclinavi, adclinatus to incline, to rest on
pluma, plumae, f. feather
tamquam as though
repono, reponere, reposui, repositus to set back, replace
Created by: hcmeek