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68wm6 p2 Can Med

Cancer Medications

What is the primary symptom for 70% of cancers? Pain
What class of drugs is most used to control advanced cancer pain? Narcotic opiods
What antineaoplastic drugs are used in autoimmune disorders such a sarthritis? cyclophosphamide, methotrexate
What new antineoplastic formulas are encapsulated in a lipid membrane thus have less toxicity with greater efficacy? daunorubicin, doxorubicin
What normal, healthy, rapidly replicating cells do antineoplastics target in addition to cancer? *GI *Oral cavity *Bone marrow *Hair follicles *Gonads *Lymph tissue
True or False: The action of antineoplastic medications are limited to neoplastic cells. False. Many affect DNA synthesis or function; others alter immune function or affect hormonal status.
What are examples of enzyme antineoplastic drugs? *asparaginase (Elspar) *imatinib (Gleevac) *pegaspargaseOncaspar, PEG-L-asparaginase)
What are examples of enzyme inhibitor antineoplastic drugs? *irinotecan (Camptosar) *topotecan (Hycamtin)
What are examples of antiestrogen antineoplastic drugs? *tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Tamofen) *toremifene (Fareston)
What are examples of aromatase inhibitor antineoplastic drugs? *anastrazole (Arimidex) *letrozole (Femara)
What is an examples of a kinase inhibitor antineoplastic drug? imatinib (Gleevac)
What are the contraindications of antineoplastic drugs? *Previous bone marrow depression or hypersensitivity *Pregnancy and lactation
What are the precautions of antineoplastic drugs? *Active infections *Decreased bone marrow reserve *Radiation therapy *Other debilitating illnesses *Childbearing potential
List 5 common side effects of antineoplastic drugs: *CNS: memory loss *EENT: tinnitus, ototoxicity *CV: cardiotoxicity *GI: N/V/D, Constipation, anorexia *GU: Nephrotoxicity *Hemat: Anemia, Decreased RBC WBC Platelets. *Other: Pain, alopecia
What drugs increase the toxicity of methotrexate? other nephrotoxic drugs or larger doses of aspirin or NSAIDs
A patient on your ward will be recieving antineoplastic medications this AM. As an LPN you know you need what to administer these medications? Nurses must receive specialized training prior to administering antineoplastic agents
What is the dosage of antineoplastic medications often based on? Patients weight
Cancer patients must recieve hydration from how much I.V. fluid before recieving antineoplastic drugs? 1-2 liters
When are IM injections and rectal temperatures avoided in the cancer patient? If platelet count is low
How long must pressue be applied to venipuncture sites in cancer PTs? 10 min
What is the normal value for neutrophils? 3000-7000/mm3
What is the neutrophil count thats considered neutropenia? <1000/mm3
What is the neutrophil count thats considered severe neutropenia? <500/mm3
If a cancer PT is suffering severe neutropenia, what must be done? *VS q4h, notify physician if temperature starts to rise *Fresh flowers and live plants are discouraged *Monitor diet: fresh fruits and vegetables to be avoided *Hold doses of chemotherapy until neutrophil levels return to normal
What medication is administered to minimize reactions to monoclonal antibodies? methylprednisolone sodium succinate
What must be worn while handling antineoplastic medications? Wear gloves, gown, and mask
True or False: Since most antineoplastic drugs do not cross the placental barrier, they are not a danger to pregnant women. False. They DO cross the placental bearrier and are considered teratogenic. Advise patient to inform health care professional immediately if pregnancy is suspected.
True or False: Due to the immunosuppressive effects of antineoplastic drugs, the PT must get vaccinated often against a wide range of pathogens while recieving them. False. Many vaccinations are composed of live cultures. Advise PT to consult health care provider before recieving vaccinations.
List 4 classifications of chemotherapy drugs: *Antimetabolites *Alkylating agents *Antibiotic antitumor agents *Mitotic inhibitors *Hormones *Antihormones *Corticosteroids
Created by: Shanejqb
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