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OB Chapter 21

Adolescent Childbearing

In what phase is a rich fantasy life most characteristic? early adolescent
characteristics of adolescents that can lead to sexual activity testing the limits of power may lead teens to engage in high-risk behaviors
PIH in adolescents young adolescents have immature vascular development in the uterus
major factor that contributes to low-birth-weight infants age and nutritional intake
teaching for boys about adolescent pregnancy assess stressors, support system, and plan for involvement in the pregnancy
explanation for high failure rate of contraceptives incorrect use; inconsistency; interferes with spontaneity; lack of understanding of risk; “bad girls”; believe they are not vulnerable; withdrawal method; improper storage; decreases pleasure; availability, cost, confidentiality
what should programs include to prevent adolescent pregnancy sex education and guidance to prevent repeated pregnancies
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy include? involvement of adolescents in planning the programs; role models from the same cultural and racial backgrounds; long-term and intensive programs; focus on adolescent needs; nonjudgmental counselors who understand the developing adolescent
how does an adolescent typically feel in the 2nd trimester? egocentric phase may prevent full focus on baby as being real
what should a mom try eating if lactose intolerant, instead of dairy? fish, canned salmon, sardines that contain bone; leafy green vegetables; tofu (ice cream, cheese, and yogurt)
in what should you include the adolescent in planning care
nursing interventions to help father accept role should be welcomed in the prenatal sessions
nursing intervention to promote mother-infant bonding show attractive pictures of fetus at various gestational ages
grandparents and effect on future parenting skills those who take over the complete care of the newborn may interfere with the teen’s development of parent-newborn attachment and adversely affect the teen’s self-image and future parenting skills
what may an unwed pregnant adolescent not understand how she got pregnant
child-rearing practices that most likely put infant at risk insensitivity to newborn behavioral cues; pattern of limited nonverbal interaction; lack of knowledge of child development; preference for aggressive behavior and physical punishment; limited learning in home environment
emancipated minors exempt from parental consent to treatment if lives away from home, is married, or is in the military service
medically emancipated conditions Contraception; Pregnancy; Pregnancy-related care; STIs; Substance abuse; Sexual assault
adolescents and risk for cesarean section pelvis does not reach adult size and dimensions until 3 years after menarche; a small pelvis increases problems during labor and delivery and increases need for cesarean birth
STIs and increasing rate teens are biologically more susceptible due to epithelium that is present on the cervix and risk-taking behaviors
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