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Science: Ocean Water

Quiz: Thursday, March 22nd 2012

water covers ___ of the earth. 2/3
ocean is a mixture of _____ and _____. water and salts
Three specific things in the ocean are: 1. ______ _______ 2. _________ ________ 3. ________ ________ 1. sodium chloride 2. potassium chloride 3. magnesium chloride
Was the ocean always salty? No
How did the oceans become salty? Rocks and soil was washed into it by rivers and streams, and they dissolved to make salty, and they sink to form sediment
Each year, ____ billion kg or ___ million tons for sediments wash into the ocean. 364 billion, and 400 million tons
When the water evaporates, any _________ __________ remains. dissolved substances
On average, ___% of ocean water is dissolved salt. 3.5%
Salinity The total amount of dissolved salt in the ocean water
high levels of rainfall= ___ salinity low
low levels of rainfall= ____ salinity high
__ 0f the known 118 elements are found in the _____. (68%) 80, ocean
dissolved gasses are- Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen
Some of the dissolved gasses depend on what things and why? water depth and temprature- water depth- closer to the surface, there is more oxygen because the sunlight allows photosynthetic organisms to produce oxygen. Temprature- gasses dissolve better in cloder temps. Warmer climates have less dissolved gases
organisms living in the ocean rely on the _____ and other substances found there gasses
plankton microscopic organisms that live on the surface or near the ocean.
phytoplankton plant-like plankton that requires water and sunlight. They make thier own food.
zooplankton animal-like plankton that need and eat photoplankton
sediments include what things? bits of shells, decaying organisms andsand
Sediments dissolve. True or false? false- they do not dissolve
What would happen if sediments did dissolve? It would cause oceans to become shallow, and the water wouls over flow ocean to the land.
dredging the process where a michine scrapes the ocean floor and returns the sediments to the land.
______ cause pollution humans
______ are dumped into the ocean wastes
the bends cause what? a build-up of nitrogen bubbles in your blood
SCUBA stands for what? Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus
scuba divers need _ to _ weeks of training 1 to 8
the deeper you go the more what? dangerous
water pressure increases as depth _________ increases
you need to do what when you are scuba diving when you come up to the surface? Why? Come up slowly so you can breathe out the nitrogen
normal ocean pressure is- 14.7 lbs/in2
mariana trentch deepest part of the ocean
what decreases with depth? visibility
What does surface water absorb? Why? Light- the green and blue are reflected and the other colors penetrate into the ocean depths
No sunlight/heat penetrates to the ocean depths True or false? true
as depth increases, temp _________, but does not freeze because of what? decreases pressure
Created by: bridge13