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RO Training

Reactor Operator Training flash cards

Length of time for medical examination 2 years
Length of time for license expiration 6 years
Length of time for requalification written examination 2 years
Length of time for requalification operation examination 1 year
Shutdown Margin A measure of the reactivity that must be added to a shutdown reactor to make it just critical.
The absolute reactivity worth of all experiments in the reactor shall not exceed____ $2.00
Medical Incident A lab accident involving rad exposure with bodily injury
Annual Limit Intake, ALI the amount of radioactive material taken into the body by inhalation or ingestion in one year which would result in a committed effective dose equivalent of 5 rems
Steady state fuel temp shall not exceed____ 750 Celsius
Stainless steal cladding, high-hydride fuel element temp shall not exceed ______ 1150 Celsius
Max reactivity with all control rods fully withdrawn shall not exceed_____ $4.00
The max reactivity insertion for a pulse is____ $3.00
During fuel loading one is able to ______ Manually withdraw two standard rods
Annual dose limit for skin of extremities is___ 50 rem
Protective Action Guidelines are_______ Projected dose equivalents to individuals in the general population which warrants protective actions following a nuclear accident
Normal rod motion speed 12 inches per minut
Control rod withdrawal is not allowed when counts are less than 2 counts per second
Control rods are made up of boron and carbon with aluminum cladding
The central thimble terminates at below bottom of grid plate
Flow rate of primary is controlled by A flow orifice in the primary piping
Which gas is used in pneumatic tube system He, helium
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